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#4052: 0.5G

I missed getting a text message from my wife yesterday.

I was informed of this when I got home, and when I checked my phone it said "Incorrect SIM card" on the screen. I powered down the phone, removed battery and SIM card, and reinserted them; when I turned it back on it worked again and the text message was delivered to my inbox a mere four hours late.

This led me to conclude that it might indeed be time to get a new cell phone. I mean, this one was new in...wait, when was it new again? I can't even remember any longer. Somewhere around here there is a post or two talking about how old this phone is but I sure can't find them now. Anyway I want to say it was new in 2008, but that's probably wrong, because I seem to recall using this phone when I was in Guam, briefly.


Regardless, it's damned old, and the SIM card error convinced me that it's time to get a replacement. But first I need to get my pictures off the old one, before it can no longer connect to the cellular system. And there lies the rub.

My old phone has one megabyte of storage in it. Most of that megabyte is consumed with pictures, at about 45 kB a pop, and the only way to get them off the phone and into my computer is to e-mail them to myself, and using the base CDMA system it takes approximately five minutes to transmit a single image. If the send fails, you still get charged for the time.

And I absolutely do not want to take this phone out of service until my pictures are downloaded.

I've already gone through them and removed the ones I didn't really need--for example, the pictures I took while working at Target of stupid things I saw, like the time the carboard bailer had been loaded incorrectly such that the chains were trapped in the bale--but while that helped, there are still plenty I want to keep.

(Google is being a royal bitch tonight; I can't seem to search for anything and get a useful result.)

It's about time I got a new phone--longtime readers will recall that I've been musing over this very issue for quite some time--but it looks as if I'll have to wait a little longer to use it. *sigh*

* * *

California is lying about doctor participation rate in Obamacare. Big surprise.

* * *

Nelson Mandela was not the saint the left portrays him as.
He was a leader of the African National Congress (ANC), an organization designated a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department and many governments and intelligence agencies. He was also a co-founder of the ANC’s Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), a militant terrorist group within a terrorist group. He was tried and convicted for his terrorist and subversive activities within those organizations....
Here we were told, over and over again, that Mandela was a "political prisoner" and that his incarceration was unjust and a brutal example of Apartheid...when in fact it turns out Mandela himself was a terrorist.

I knew he was a socialist; the revelation that he may have been a card-carrying-capital-C communist does not surprise, particularly given the hagiographic coverage that the left has showered him with since 1990.

* * *

Vox Day: "The Scientists Who Cried Wolf". Very interesting read, that. "The lesson of the history of science is that scientists panic more easily than teenage girls."


* * *

Saint Nicholas punched a heretic in the face. That's before he was a saint, of course, but it goes to show that even (future) saints have their limits.

* * *

Speaking of cold weather, the projected low tonight is 12°, which is damned cold considering it was in the 60s just the other day. Actually it's damned cold regardless.

And we're coming up on ten minutes to send one fucking picture. *sigh* Good thing the new phone comes with triple minutes.

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