atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4054: This 21st Century is amazing

So I got this new phone for $30....

I spent time adding all my contacts to it. No, that's not entirely correct; at the time I bought my last phone I kept all the contacts from my last two phones. Some of those numbers are for people I haven't talked to in nine years, so I decided not to add those numbers to the new phone.

Adding contacts to a phone with a touch screen is easy-peasy compared to a phone with just a numeric keypad, even if you do end up using the same "hit a key multiple times for different letters" route on the new phone. (Example: "Hello" requires hitting "44-33-555-555-666" to get the right letters.) The process on this phone is easier and faster than on the old one.

So then, with all my contacts loaded and the phone working, I proceeded to shut it off, take out the SD card, and put some music on it. I am now listening to my cellular telephone playing "Chomolungma" by the Alan Parsons Project, via headphones, and it sounds pretty f-ing good in the bargain.

It's an MP3 player, a camera, a video camera, and it just happens to make phone calls. Dang.

I just have to wonder if this thing can handle a larger SD card than 2 GB. With a few choice ommissions I could fit my entire PC-based music collection onto a 32 GB SD card....

The only problem is, that would double the investment I have in this thing.

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