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#4055: Snow, Jeep, phone, stuff.

As I left for work this morning, it was snowing very lightly, It was barely at the "flurry" level, although the past few days of bitter cold ensured that the snow would stick, and the Jeep had a light coating of easily removed powder when I was preparing to leave. I was thinking it could go ahead and snow like that for the remaining 17 days between now and Christmas and I'd be fine with it. my surprise, it kept snowing all day, and when I left work it was snowing harder. The roads were covered and westbound I-80 was a parking lot; on my entire drive home the Jeep never shifted into overdrive because my speed never went high enough. It was about 35 on the highway and 30 on local roads, tops.

All this for not even two inches of snow.

But because of how the weather was predicted, I'm not surprised that the salt trucks were late in being sent out. The forecast had not predicted a lot of snow, certainly not enough to cover the roads and keep them covered. There were very few parts of my trip home where the road was not obscured with snow, and I had the 4WD on for most of the trip home.

I made it home safely, though, and proceeded to heat up a couple of hot dogs. Dinner last night was chili dogs and pasta salad, and there's plenty left over of both, so that was a no-brainer.

* * *

Today I discovered that--with the right USB cable--I can connect my phone to a computer, and it'll act like an external hard drive. So rather than go through all the rigamarole with putting the Micro SD card into an adaptor and then put that into one of my MP3 players, all I have to do is get a cable with the right kind of end on it and I'll be in business, and I'll be able to copy music to the phone much more easily than I thought I could.

It also turns out that I can assign specific ringtones to specific numbers. I just need to figure out how to get the custom ringtones I want to use into the phone. The USB connection will make that easier.

The phone came with a certain number of service days, but it reports that I have 76 left--which means that the service days I had remaining from the old phone were added to this one. My current airtime card was due to expire on the 24th, which means the phone came with 60 days of service right out of the box. That's not too shabby. (Probably it also came with 10-20 minutes of service, but that was swamped by the 1900-odd minutes I already had.)

This phone is easier to use and more convenient than the old one, and--as expected--it has much better noise rejection characteristics than the old one did. I had to talk to my wife for a couple of minutes from work, which is a noisy environment, but I was able to hear her just fine. That's something that never really happened with the old phone.

* * *

It's been a long day, though. I woke up at 8 this morning, intending to go to church, but I simply could not get myself out of bed. Figuring I'd better rest up for work, I reset the alarm for 10:30 (in order to be at work by noon). I woke up at 9:27 and was unhappy about having to get up so soon. Then I remembered that I had to be up at 10:30 and happily went back to sleep for another hour, but when the alarm went off at 10:30 I was still feeling embalmed.

Nonetheless I got myself up a mere 15 minutes after the alarm and got myself ready to go. I brushed snow off my Jeep and Mrs. Fungus' car and left the driveway at 11:30 on the dot.

Work today was not the disaster that work on Friday was. Friday was an asstastic day, where it seemed as if I couldn't do anything right. In fact, plenty of things went right on Friday, but the failures overshadowed the successes.

Today was much better. I was able to help people and get some jobs done without making any mistakes, and left work feeling a lot better than I did on Friday.

Tomorrow I have work, of course, but then it's time for our weekend here at Casa Fungus. The following week I actually have Sunday off--next Sunday, that is--so I'll have no excuse for not going to church even if I do wake up feeling cruddy.


* * *

There are three kinds of people in the world: those who understand trinary notation, those who don't, and those that don't care.

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