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#4066: My brother makes me smell bad.

Today was shopping day!

Didn't get as much sleep last night as I'd hoped for. Today was the cantata, and after church Mrs. Fungus and I went out for breakfast. There's a place near the Fungal Vale called "Raspberry's" and they apparently are open only for breakfast and lunch. We had biscuits and gravy and french toast, and it was all very good food; then we repaired to the bunker and went back to bed. She got up at 12:30 to go to work and I remained abed until after 3:30, at which point I got up and started moving.

Grocery shopping first, then out to Merrilville for Cinnabons; on the way there, a quick stop at Wal-Mart for a couple of things. On the way back, gasoline ($0.25 cheaper out that way than in the Fungal Vale) and some sundries. I texted Og, and he was home and amenable to visitation, so I stopped off there and saw the amazing new toy he's got.

We chatted for a couple of hours about a lot of different things; and then I came home, stopping at Culver's on the way to rectify the fact that I hadn't eaten anything since about 10 AM. It's nine as I type this, so, yeah.

"Hold on, anus," you say. "You were really poor-mouthing it yesterday, and today you're spending all kinds of money! WTF!"

...I made those comments anticipating spending the money I spent today.

My one concession to unplanned impulse spending was buying myself a paperback book at the bookstore out Merrilville way. I had intended to buy a volume or two of Yotsuba&! but they didn't have any of those books, to say nothing of volumes 11 and 12, which are the ones I want/need. Instead I bought a book set in Larry Niven's "Known Space" universe, centered on the Pierson's Puppeteers and the Fleet of Worlds (and, apparently, the Ringworld).

But this is the kind of thing I do every year when I go pick up the Cinnabons, anyway: I visit the bookstore and buy myself a book. This is the first book I've bought for myself since...well, last year about this time. Yeah.

By doing all this shopping today, it relieves me of some 90% of the burden of tomorrow's errands, leaving me just a quick trip for stocking stuffers and the pies. Believe me, that makes me very happy indeed.

* * *

Vyag Rat says, "Me and me brudda Beauregarde always like to eat Smokeywood Pastures' pasteurized process snack stix! Now guaranteed to contain up to 83% organic material!"

...which means that only 17% is plastic shavings, metal chips, sand, or what-have-you. It's a party!

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