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#4074: Turkey leg and pie for dinner

It's all I have the energy to do. Then I'm napping, once this post is finished.

So, Christmas--

Mrs. Fungus made it obvious, at several points during the year, that a jewelry box with a music box and spinning ballerina or fairy would be the hit present for her this Christmas. I ordered it a bit later than I should have, but to my relief it came on Monday the 23rd and I was able to wrap it up that evening, along with the rest of the stuff for her.

I thought the jewelry would be the big one, so I planned on giving her that last. Little did I know.

Christmas day we first opened our stockings. I can't have a Christmas without a stocking, damn it. (I'm not the only person in my family who feels that way; my oldest sister is the same.) There have been plenty of years I had to stuff my own stocking, but I still had one.

Once that was done, I told her to pick up a certain present and unwrap it. If I'd been a real stinker I would have just wrapped the box that came from Amazon, but instead I wrapped the box just inside that one. But that box surrounded a nice pink box, which contained the actual music box...and when Mrs. Fungus opened the music box and saw the ballerina, she was so happy she started crying. "I've always wanted one of these!"

Me, dumbfounded: "Oh. Uh...well." [Checks to make sure it's the good kind of tears, is relieved to see they are.]

The rest of the stuff I got her paled by comparison: a throw blanket with deer on it, a UPS for her computer--something I've been telling her and telling her she needs to get--and some other things...but once I'd opened the train set I told her, "Okay, there's a present hidden in the Christmas tree." It was a set of opal earrings, which she immediately put on once she found the box and unwrapped it.

If I had known that would be her reaction to the music box, I would have given her that last. (Or at least had a camera ready.)

Anyway, Mrs. Fungus thought it odd that I talked about the train and nothing else, so here we are.

* * *

Today is the last Saturday of 2013, and tomorrow is the last Sunday--and my last workday of 2013 unless my boss changes his mind and adds more hours. I've got 13 hours from 12/29 through 1/4; the following week I have ten scheduled.

None of this is shocking.

The theme for today was HURRY! I woke up at 10:15, was out the door showered and dressed at 10:30, and made it to work on time by 11...but I did not have the luxury of dawdling, as I do when I don't oversleep. As soon as I got to work--before I was even on the clock!--I had people asking me questions and needing help, so I punched in and ran at full speed for four hours. I punched out for lunch fifteen minutes late, took the full half-hour, and then started running at full speed for the remaining three and a half hours of my shift.

I got through it cheerfully, but by the time 7 PM rolled around I was done. Flat busted done, with nothing left. I got all googly-eyed on the drive home, really feeling the fatigue of the past few days, but not enough (fortunately) to fall asleep.

I was kind of surprised last night: I woke up from my nap after 11, and when Mrs. Fungus got home she wanted mac & cheese--and while that was cooking I found the energy to do the dishes and clean out the sink. I was still fatigued, because while we were talking I told her that I'd had a Cinnabon "after I got home from school"--naw, I wasn't tired, not at all! *sigh*

* * *

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