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#4075: What a thing to let slip through my fingers.

So today I had plenty of work to do, and while doing it I came across an open box 32" TV. It's an Insignia brand, which is on sale, and this particular one had an open box price of $151...and it had barely even been taken out of the box by whoever purchased it and then returned the thing.

The packaging inside was pristine and the thing worked beautifully. If I'd had the money, I would have stopped testing it and bought it, because it would be perfect for a new monitor.

32" is a bit bigger than I really want, but the price-- It has a VGA input, and when I hooked it up to a laptop to test that, it looked gorgeous. WoW would look fantastic on that, even if the TV is a 720p TV....


Today I managed to get up only about twenty minutes late (a big improvement over yesterday) so I had plenty of time to shave. I had a fair dinkum day at work, getting a lot done, and only one client that I dealt with left unhappy...and her problem was completely beyond my control.

See, apparently if you spend a certain amount of money on a computer or tablet via the web site, they throw in an antivirus package. This woman was upset that the antivirus package (for which she didn't actually pay anything) won't work on a tablet running Windows RT, and was complaining about "false advertising" and so on. The only thing I could do was to download the package myself and try to install it--knowing what the result would be--because she absolutely would not accept my explanation of the issue. (Worse, the antivirus package has versions available which will run under iOS and Android. Just not Win RT, which is effectively a niche market since only Surface tablets and some embedded applications run it.)

Argh etc.

Still, things went well, and I left work feeling pretty chipper.

So let me get this out of the way: IF YOU BUY A TABLET RUNNING WINDOWS RT DO NOT EXPECT IT TO RUN ANY WINDOWS SOFTWARE. It might work, but only "might", and more probably will not, particularly if it does any version checking. Windows RT looks a lot like Windows 8, but it is not Windows 8 and won't run the same programs.

If you buy a Microsoft Surface, that runs Windows RT. To run general Windows software you need to buy the Surface Pro, which runs Win 8 and costs about $200 more than the Surface does.

* * *

Incidentally, it turns out there was an Alfred Hitchcock TV ep about some thieves who steal a safe from a factory, intending to get that phat payroll dough...only they get something else in the bargain: a smallish cask containing Cobalt 60, which one of them breaks open, and then tries sticking his fingers inside to see if he can feel anything. After that, they discover the radiation trefoil on the back side of the casing. (Scared, he goes to the hospital, only to be shot dead by the ringleader.)

Kind of reminds me of that story about those truck thieves in Mexico. Life imitates art! Only these guys were messing around with a source that could be carried by two men. The source that was on that truck in Mexico was much bigger....

Cobalt 60 is a beta and gamma emitter. It would have a pretty blue glow surrounding it...and you'd be dead if you saw it, because while the betas aren't too nasty, the gamma radiation is strong enough to kill you pretty quickly. In the Hitchcock story, the people living next to the ringleader's auto shop were suffering from radiation poisoning, and about halfway through the ep I said, "Wait a minute!"

Only once I looked up the emissions of Co60 I realized that it was the gammas that were making them sick, not the betas. The wall of a typical house is enough to stop beta radiation--even an interior wall--but it takes an inch or more of lead to stop gammas.

* * *

Anyway, it was a long day at work, and I'm pretty tired, so I think I'm going to go grab a Z or two before my wife gets home from work.

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