atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4080: One of those good news/bad news kind of things

The good news is, Mrs. Fungus' car is drivable and can be safely operated.

The bad news is, it needs tires and an alignment.

The thing needs at least two new tires. The driver's side front one has the characteristic asymmetrical wear of a car that is badly out of alignment; it's down to the wear indicators on the outside edge but is just fine on the inside. The right front is better, but "better" isn't "good".

So I rotated the tires--back to front--and that should alleviate things in the short term. We still need to do something about the tires, but now it can wait until Monday. I'm hoping to locate two used tires, then get them installed and have an alignment done. This is probably the worst time of year for this nonsense, so it has to be done on as little money as we can manage.

But count the old blessings: it's not something major and the car is usable. I was cudgeling my brain trying to figure out what I'd do if it wasn't safe to drive her car; we both have to be at work on Thursday and our schedules preclude one of us dropping the other off at work.

* * *

The visit to my aunt and uncle was called off. My aunt has cancer and received a chemo treatment yesterday; she's feeling very ill today and does not want to receive visitors. I told my uncle that I was a bit disappointed but that I understood, and we'll get together some other time.

It actually kind of works out for us since Mrs. Fungus is feeling under the weather, too.

* * *

Work on Mrs. Fungus' car was aided by the compressor, floor jack, and a garage with some f-ing room in it. It's so nice to be--for the most part, at least--out of the snow, and this year I resolve to get rid of even more of the crap clogging up the garage. Whee!

My other resolution is to do something about the basement--clean it up and get it usable again. I would like to set up a workshop down there--something I've actually wanted for a decade now--but of course it's going to take some doing to get there. Well, I've got a cold winter and some time off in the next two weeks, so here's hoping.

Among other things I need to figure out what I'm going to do with:
1) Commodore Amiga 500
2) TRS-80 Model I
3) Macintosh SE
4) NEC MultiSpeed
5) generic Celeron PC
Am I going to haul these things to the recycler? I suppose I ought to eBay the "classic" computers before I trash them. I might get a few bucks for them. (The TRS-80 looks to be worth about $200 in working condition, so, yeah.)

Man, what a mess.

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