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#4081: First workday of the year, and boy are my legs tired.

Actually my legs are tired because of how tense I've been while driving lately, because ZOMG SNOMAGEDDON.

JayG comments on the usual media hyperbole about OMG IT'S GOING TO SNOW WTF HOW CAN IT SNOW SO MUCH IN WINTER ZOMG GLOBAL WARMING.


Anyway, Tuesday, Wednesday, and today I drove in the snow. Tuesday was that trip to Schaumburg; yesterday Mrs. Fungus wanted pizza so I hied myself out to Pizza Hut. Today--yeah.

By the time I left for work this morning we'd gotten perhaps five inches of snow all told, but it's continued to snow all day and it's probably over eight now. It's not snowing hard (most of the time) but it's just been continuous over the past three days, so it's accumulating.

When I left the bunker about 9:20, the roads were pretty bad. I drove to work with the 4WD on and for the most part my speed remained below 40. When I left work this afternoon, the roads were a lot better, but I still used 4WD for part of my drive home.

I am, in fact, starting to worry a bit about the transfer case in the old Jeep. It whines when 4WD is engaged, rather more than I recall it doing before. The last time I checked the oil level in the thing it was fine, but that was admittedly much more than a year ago. Then again it's not prone to leaking, and it's like an axle in that you should not need to change the lubricant unless something goes wrong.

Considering the age of the truck--well, I'm back to wondering what a rebuild kit for a transfer case costs, and what that would run as compared to a transfer case from a boneyard. *sigh*

* * *

"Surprise: 98% of Reports on the Ice-Bound Antarctic Expedition Fail to Mention They Were Researching 'Global Warming'". Yeah, that's a surprise, all right, isn't it?

* * *

Bigger surprise: the rich don't really notice that there's a depression on. Because they have enough money that their standard of living is not negatively impacted by unemployment and Obamacare and-and-and.

Example: my brother the doctor is the only person I know who has bought a new (ie "not used") vehicle in the past five years.

* * *

Under "things I no longer care about" we have the legalization of pot: people can buy pot in Colorado now without worrying about arrest. Quoth Ace:
I still react with hostility to the pot subculture -- these people are so psyched about a mild hallucinogen it's just sad, really; they wear pot-leaf necklaces, for crying out loud -- but my distaste for someone's lifestyle and preferences is no justification for a law presuming to squelch those choices.
This is exactly so. Furthermore the war on (some) drugs has proven to have worked about as well as Prohibition did (ie not at all) and it's time to try something else. Legalization, regulation, and taxation seems to be the reasonable course.

* * *

It's snowy and blustery, and tomorrow I have to go blow down the driveway. Tonight, however, I'm going to stay in and watch TV with my wife.

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