atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4083: Get out your long underwear.

It's going to be cold on Monday.

How cold?

Local forecast said the high temperature--the high temperature!--will be minus eleven degrees.

Damn it, that global warming sure is getting bad!

* * *

This afternoon, I took the turkey carcass out of the fridge and put it on the stove in a pot of water. It has been simmering now for nearly six hours, and is rapidly turning into turkey broth. I'll turn the stove off before bed and let it cool overnight; tomorrow I'll strain out the meat and bones (and make turkey salad again like last year) and boil down the broth to make turkey stock, which will then get frozen.

I think for Monday, though, I'll make a big pot of ham and bean soup using the hambone left over from the ham Mrs. Fungus bought in early November. That means I'll need to soak the beans and buy a loaf of ginzo bread on Sunday, but that's okay.

* * *

Why the hell are furnace filters so expensive? Did you realize you can spend $10 on a filter without half trying? I bought the cheap ones because I don't need super-allergen-filter nonsense. I just need something that'll keep as much dirt as possible out of the blower. I got two and managed to get out of the hardware store for less than $5, but it was a near thing; the next cheapest filters were $5 each.

According to Lennox (the manufacturer) you're supposed to change the filters every month; when I lived in Cedar Rapids the management of the apartment complex changed 'em every six months. I feel sorry for people who think they have to get the $20 filters and change them all the time. "Little Bobby's got asthma! I don't want him catching hay fever too!" *rolleyes*

But I haven't changed this one for a year or more.

Anyway, that's another annoying little chore dealt with. It took me about two minutes actually to change the filter, and most of that time was consumed with getting the old one out. It's a lot better than the old furnace, which required that you measure and cut a swatch of fiberglas matting and fit it to an armature that secured it in the blower intake. It had plenty of surface area but it was a royal pain to change that filter.

I'm going to aim for changing them every three months; this is a rather dusty shack and the return ducts have never been cleaned, and at $2 a pop I think I can do it without breaking the bank.

Could be worse, I suppose.

* * *

Well, time to take care of a few other chores.

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