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#4087: Now THAT is damned cold.

How cold? So cold that frost is forming on the latchplate for the front door!

Out of my 46 years on this planet I've lived in this house for 40 of them, and I have never seen that before. The last single-pane windows in the house are the ones by the front door and those frost up whenever the temperatures go below about 12°, but I have never seen the latchplate frost up.

I didn't even go outside yesterday to blow down the driveway. That can wait until tomorrow, when it's expected to be some twenty-five degrees warmer than it is now.

The current temperature in the Fungal Vale is -12°. That's apparently going to be the daytime high temp, and that beats the -3° daytime high I experienced in Cedar Rapids in early 2000. But I'm not going out in this (as I did that day) because there is simply no reason to.

This weather is cold enough that even in still air, you'll get an ice cream headache if you're not wearing a hat. I know that because that happened to me, again when I was living in Cedar Rapids. I was walking out to my car after work, and my head started hurting, and I wondered, "Why on Earth--?" And then I realized what was going on and dug my hat out and put it on; instant relief.

Mrs. Fungus and I are fortunate in that we don't have to go out in this nonsense this week. I feel sorry for anyone who has to work outside today, but I'd wager that most folks aren't unless their jobs revolve around critical services.

There are places in the world where -12° is a break in the weather. I hope I don't ever have to live in one of those places.

In any case, with the snow of the past week all over, it looks like we got somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen to eighteen inches of the stuff, all told--that's from a week ago today, which was last year (already). My measuring system for this is a highly sophisticated apparatus: the cabinet I tore off the back wall of the garage and never got around to kicking apart. It's sitting out by the day lilies (or, rather, where they are when it's not winter) and it's nearly buried in snow, and it's not because of drifting; I know this because the sundial is about half buried itself.

* * *

Needing food last night, I realized that I could take the box of Zatarain's red beans and rice and make that, and then add about a pound of turkey shreds to it. It turned out delicious. We're now out of leftovers but for the remainder of the turkey shreds--about a pound and a half--and I'm thinking I'll make turkey salad from them.

Regardless of what we have for dinner tonight we're going to need to hit the store on Tuesday, I think.

* * *

Karl Denninger discusses the idiocy of the global warming scientists who got stuck in the ice.

Denninger is right in that taking a trip to the antarctic (or arctic) circle is not a picnic in the park, not even when it's local summer. It's less dangerous than it was a century ago, but it's not safe, and there are reasons why there is not much tourism to such locales.

Sure, 100 years ago you could sail right up to the camp they were trying to reach this year. According to global warming "theory" there ought to be less ice now. Problem is the theory is shit and there is MORE ice and reality doesn't care about the beliefs of idiots who call themselves "scientists" but who are incapable of realizing that their "theories" might be wrong.

* * *

A WSJ opinion piece on Obamacare.
...Congress established that the only subsidy available to them would be the same income-based subsidy available to every other eligible American accessing insurance through an exchange. This was the confidence-building covenant supporters of the law made to reassure skeptics that ObamaCare would live up to its billing. They wanted to appear eager to avail themselves of the law's benefits and be more than willing to subject themselves to the exact same rules, regulations and requirements as their constituents.
The Democrat-run Congress did this with the expectation that they would be able to exempt themselves from Obamacare, one way or another, at a later time.

Exactly as happened.

(I was going to say more about it, but realized I don't need to.)

* * *

Last night Mrs. Fungus and I tried to play WoW, but it wasn't a very good experience. Lag was horrendous; where it normally remains under about 100 ms I was seeing it as high as 1100 ms, so there were several instances where I'd hit a key to cast a spell and wait three or four seconds for something to happen.

I don't know if it's the weather or what. Our cable TV has been getting lots of tiling lately, so it might be our connection; what I do know is that it's f-ing annoying to have your character suddenly drop dead for no apparent reason. (That happened once--and only once--last night.)

But we had fun regardless, and I slapped a few levels on old Darkmaster the gnome rogue.

I did this while consuming far too much damned candy. Yesterday was the 12th day of Christmas; I collected my stocking stuffers and brought them out of the living room, and had the bag of candy sitting here at the computer. Because it was available and I was distracted, I ended up having to put the bag on the kitchen counter to keep it away from myself.

Meanwhile, the house is making lots of odd noises--creaks, clunks, and thumps--which is not terribly surprising considering how f-ing cold it's gotten outside in the last 24 hours.

I'm reminded of the story Dad told about a severe cold snap (ironically, the coldest temperature here before today) where the front porch broke. The concrete slab had a big crack in it as long as I could remember, and apparently it happened when it got so f-ing cold outside that the thermal stress was more than the concrete could take. That porch slab was replaced sometime in the late 1990s, after I'd moved to Cedar Rapids.

So here we are! Teh temp is now under -13 and heading down as the sun sets, and we're in for another f-ing cold night.


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