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#4088: I want a bigger snow blower.

The little guy is still equal to the task...barely. But today makes three years out of the last four that I needed more snow blower than I have, even if the one I have can handle the task...barely.

Feb 2011: 18 inches of snow.

March 2013: 8 inches of snow.

January 2014: 22 inches of snow over five days, with the last one blowing and drifting for even more fun.

2012 was a mild enough winter that I don't think I used the snowblower much, if at all. 2013 was also mild by comparison, but the one big storm we did have was pushing the capabilities of my poor little one-lung snowblower, as brave and fierce as it may be.

Back in 1979, when human polltuion was going to cause an ice age, we had a huge f-ing blizzard that ended up changing the course of Chicago machine politics, it was so bad. (Anyone remember Bilandic?) My neighbor to the south, at the time, bought this humongous snowblower with an enclosed cab and more levers and handles than a crane.

...and we proceeded to have some of the mildest winters on record. Christmas day, 1982, it was 62° outside and sunny, and soon afterwards the story changed such that human pollution was going to cause runaway global warming.

Like we had this week?

If the solar astronomers are right, we're looking at more winters like this one and fewer ones like 1982 as the century rolls onward, because the sun's not producing sunspots--and when it doesn't produce sunspots, crop yields go down. (And that is a considerably better-correlated series than anything the warmistas have produced.)

If I were a statistician--which I am not, as math more complex than 2x+2=4 makes my brain ache--I would probably check to see how hemlines and other social indicators match with the solar cycle. There'd be something interesting in there, I bet. Regardless, I think the bet to make is on colder, harsher winters in general for a while with a few mild ones in the mix because weather is weather.

Nonetheless, the Brave Little Snowblower handled the most recent load of global warming with dignity and grace, and I've managed to clear off the driveway despite a daytime high temperature of 5°. Heck, I had the gall to be sweating; I was wearing snow pants, boots, and my parka over sleep pants and a henley. My back was a little cold until I put the hood up. Now I'm sitting here at the computer, down to henley and sleep pants, and I'm sweating. The house felt like an oven when I came back inside.

Today was the first time I ventured outside since Saturday. Otherwise, I stayed in and liked it. Mrs. Fungus and I closed the spare bedroom and threw another blanket on the bed, and we were toasty warm together, though I shudder to think of what the damned heating bill is going to be like. *sigh*

* * *

Cold blooded murder, nothing but. That cop should not be a cop any longer, particularly since he felt it necessary to utter an action movie quip before killing a tased and restrained schizophrenic man in cold blood. "We don't have time for this." Blam, blam. Yeah.

Besides not being a cop any longer, that guy needs to be in jail.

* * *

Marko talks about the stupid article in Rolling Stone exhorting "millenials" to fight for marxism. It doesn't call it that, of course, but talks about how landlords "blow" and such.

"Rolling Stone," Marko concludes, "is about as hip and counter-culture as Citibank these days."

* * *

While digging around in the chest freezer downstairs--we really need to get another quarter beef for that thing, damn it--I found some chicken that had been carefully packaged and frozen in 2012. It wasn't even remotely freezer burned, either; as I said I had wrapped it carefully to prevent that.

I used it to make some stir-fry. Nothing complicated; just onion, chicken, celery, and carrots, with a peanut sauce from a bottle Mrs. Fungus bought some months ago. It came out delicious. Anyway, there's at least two more pounds of the chicken left, so I won't have to buy chicken this week and quite possibly not next week, either.

Tonight's menu is ribs, though we're going to have to go buy them. We've got a hankering for BBQ ribs and since I know how to make them extra good, that sounds like a winner. Whee!

* * *

They're predicting rain on Saturday. Rain! I seem to recall something like that, liquid water that fell from the sky. I look forward to seeing that.

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