atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4089: Half an inch of rain?

That's the same amount of water as five inches of snow they're expecting on Friday.

It's 23 degrees warmer now than it was last night, and it's 33 degrees warmer than it was Monday. Friday they're expecting it to be 39°, which is 54 degrees warmer than it was at its coldest on Monday.

Last night, as we were driving to the store, I told Mrs. Fungus, "Just think: in six months, it's going to be eighty degrees warmer outside than it is now."

We couldn't imagine it.

Still, with all that snow on the ground and half an inch of rain falling, we can expect flooding. What a crazy f-ing winter it's been.

* * *

Last night Mrs. Fungus and I had movie night. We watched Patlabor, The Sure Thing, and most of Moonstruck. (We'll watch the rest of the latter movie tonight.) You can probably guess which were my picks and which was hers.

Most of the time, Mrs. Fungus picks the movies. I don't have enough interest in movies these days to watch very many of them on my own initiative; I'll watch it if it's on but don't care to spend the money on renting them (if they're pay-per-view) or the time on watching them if they're free but I'm by myself. There are a few notable exceptions I'll make to this rule, but for the most part when I'm home alone I'm at the computer, napping, or working on something else.

We had a bit of discussion on why it's okay for Cher to cheat on her fiance Danny Aiello with his brother Nicholas Cage, but it's not okay for John Cusack to take a cross-country trip in order to have casual sex with Nicolette Sheridan. That discussion was almost entirely fruitless, settling nothing, but at least we enjoyed it.

In any case, since The Sure Thing is my favorite movie I was mouthing the dialogue along with the actors, and I can probably go another few years before I need to watch it again. I detest all of Rob Reiner's other movies; this is the only one of his I like and it's my favorite. Go figure.

Patlabor is better than I remembered it being. That's the first time I've watched that movie this century; it's set in about 2003 or 2005 and is--to put it charitably--wrong, as there are no mechs in common use in construction anywhere in the world. Still, it's a good story. It's a departure from the Patlabor series in that the manga, OVAs, and TV series were all light comedy/action, and this one's a pretty serious story--but it was a good introduction to the Patlabor ouerve and got me interested in the series. (I have no idea whatever happened to my copies of the series, but I expect they're around here somewhere. If not, I suppose I could always torrent them.)

I don't have Patlabor 2 on DVD, which sucks since I now have a hankering to watch that one. But perhaps I can hook up El_Hazard to the 'slab in the family room and watch it that way....

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