atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4093: Stunday

So yesterday, when I was at work, my coworker L. asked me if I was working today, and I said I wasn't. He asked me if I'd like to; and so I ended up taking his shift today.

L. is a good guy and he's got twins on the way, and apparently he and his wife needed to go buy more baby stuff, which is why he wanted the time off. Me, I need the hours, so I was very appreciative of being asked.

I got to work today at 1:30 PM and proceeded to run at full speed for 6.75 hours.

It was nuts today; every time I got one task done two more cropped up. It wasn't helped by the fact that I was on the phone for an hour trying to sort out a client's tech support issue--he paid for a 2-year contract in late 2012 but it doesn't show up in the system; instead there's a 1-year contract which has expired. It took me 56 minutes on the phone to find out how we should solve the problem, which did not help matters one iota.

It would have been a lot better if I'd had time for a break, but I was on my feet continuously until about 7:45 and the only time I wasn't dealing with clients was when I was going to the bathroom. Yeesh. It was, though, not a bad day. I had no unreasonable people to deal with; just an unreasonable number of them.

The worst issue was the woman who couldn't install Word on her computer. Thanks to the way Microsoft does things she burned up her licensed installations by installing it 3x on the same computer (due to hardware/software issues) and it won't let her install it a fourth time. MS tech support was no help, and it sounds as if one of them told her she had to buy a new license.

This is why I hate the "download" model for software distribution. I innocently pointed her to Open Office, saying, "I'm not telling you to install this, but it's free and works with all MS formats. It's what I use...."

So instead of having a day off today, I worked. I need the money, and a lot more than I needed the rest, so it's all good.

Because I work part time, you know? I'm a part-time worker at a part-time job, and because I'm not a full-time employee I work part time.

* * *

Today was the first time all year I was able to drive on dry pavement. Driveway, street, highway, all of it dry as a bone. Amazing.

* * *

Tomorrow I get to do it all over again. I'm hoping that it will be less hectic since it'll be Monday, but you never know.

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