atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4094: Work is over for a little while.

I can relax a bit.

Mrs. Fungus hit the store yesterday and was only able to buy one 6-pack of caffiene free diet Pepsi. (What they used to call "Pepsi Free" back in the 1980s.) I had that with my breakfast on the way in to work today, and of course by the time I'd been there for four hours I had developed quite a nice withdrawal headache. *sigh*

Even though I had diet Mountain Dew after I'd been there for two.

But I got off work and came home and had the last bowl of goulash, and a couple ibuprofen; now I feel much better.

Especially since I don't have work tomorrow.

Since I've been manning the counter during busier times, my sales numbers look a bit better than they have been, which also helps even though the position is not primarily a sales position; besides, the department's productivity is counted via how many labor hours we process (computers fixed, etc) rather than how much we sell. Our productivity determines how many hours are budgeted, of course.

That's about all I can really say about that.

Had a pretty good day today--busy and tiring, but good. I can't complain about that.

Today was warm enough that I could have ridden the motorcycle to work, except that it got cold after the sun went down and of course I've let the insurance lapse for the duration of winter.

There will come a day when I ride the bike to work, though. I'm looking forward to that.

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