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#2 ^ 12: Otherwise known as #4096

The next time I can say that a blog post's number is an even power of two will come when I do post number 8,192, which is (of course) exactly double of the extant posts after this one goes up. I'd better get cracking.

* * *

Last night I had to take a little trip up to the place where Mrs. Fungus works in order to change a tire for her. I didn't have pliers with me so I couldn't fix the tire there; when we got home I took it into the garage and proceeded to pull out of it a piece of aluminum scrap 3/8" by about 1/2" and perhaps 1/16" thick.

To my surprise, I was able to plug patch it and have it hold air. This morning it was still holding pressure, too, which helps. Still, I'm starting to think I'd better invest in a plug gun, one of those things that inserts a mushroom-shaped plug into a hole in a tire. This is the second time in as many years that I've had to deal with an atypical puncture in an automotive tire.

My dream garage has a tire machine and a spin balancer in it, machines which cost upwards of about $5,000 apiece, because that way I could just have tires shipped to my house and mount and balance them my own damned self. The best price we've found for tires for Mrs. Fungus' car so far has been around $62 each installed, though Og has advised us to check out a tire shop near his cave for their price. This comes, naturally, at about the worst time of year it possibly could.

Still, we'll get through it, one way or another. I still haven't totally dismissed the idea of checking the boneyards for used ones; Mrs. Fungus has a very common car and there ought to be a good supply of used tires that have plenty of life left in them. I'm also thinking about taking this route for my Jeep, and just get some tires on the thing that have enough tread that I don't have to worry about being down to the wear indicators by May.

But Mrs. Fungus has a commute and I'd feel better if she had new tires and an alignment. I can handle the Jeep driving like an old truck--that's what it is--but I want her to be able to rely on her car getting her from A to B.

* * *

Obama's thinking about raising the minimum wage for federal employees. From $7.25 an hour to $10.10. Stroke of the pen, law of the land! --layoffs to begin shortly thereafter as people whose work isn't worth $7.25 an hour end up getting a 40% raise by executive fiat.

Understand that: it's not an incremental raise like many of the past increases have been, but almost doubling.

The Democrat hope for a $10 an hour minimum wage brings with it a shitton of suffering, you know. If this goes through people are going to lose their jobs and prices are going to rise. The people who can least afford all this are, of course, the very people the Democrats are professing to want to help.

Except that the Democrats don't care about the little people. A high minimum wage is a union desire, because many unions index their wage structures to minimum wage: "You get hired into this entry-level job and you make X over minimum wage. After three months you move into this other job and make Y over minimum wage. Once you get past your apprenticeship you're going to make Z over minimum wage...." The higher minimum wage is, the higher the salaries of their members...and the more they get in union dues.

And the more they can give to Democrat politicians.

The poor people living on minimum wage that the Democrats say they want to help--those people get screwed by this...and the Democrats' answer is, "Form a union!" Sure: form a union and donate lots of money to Democrats.

Democrats know that increasing minimum wage by 40% is going to be a bad thing. They know, and they don't care one jot.

* * *

The real face of socialized medicine is not pretty.

* * *

Vox Day discusses the Winter Olympics and the Russian Prime Minister:
Russian President Vladimir Putin says gays should feel welcome at the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, but they must 'leave the children in peace'.
"I don't see how this can possibly be a problem for anyone who isn't a pedophile," Vox Day says.

I have to agree.

* * *

This is going to be a God-awful movie.

Some Hollywood director thinks that he'll make a movie that makes the NRA look bad, and that way he'll convince people to give up their guns.

...this same director apparently doesn't understand that the Jews in Nazi Germany had to go quietly to the slaughterhouse because their government had first registered and then confiscated all civilian-owned firearms in the country. If you're going to the concentration camps, he "reasons", then absolutely you pick up a gun and start fighting!

That kind of disconnect is a big flashing neon sign that says "UNINFORMED DOOFUS" to me. If there are no guns for you to pick up and fight with--if government previously made it illegal for you to own guns and you gave them up without a fight--what do you do? If the soldiers herding you and your family into the box car have guns, and you have none, what do you use? Harsh language?

People like Weinstein don't understand that if you can't get a gun when you don't need one, you certainly aren't going to be able to get one when you do.

And because he doesn't understand this, his anti-gun propaganda piece is going to be howlingly bad.

* * *

I had a very busy day yesterday, and I followed it up by only getting about three hours of sleep last night. Mrs. Fungus and I went to bed a bit on the late side, and although I fell asleep pretty quickly I woke up a couple of times and didn't sleep very well. Still, I got up and got to work (four minutes late, argh etc) and did my job as best I could. I ended up staying a bit late to help this older client who was having trouble with her e-mail account, but then I left and came home.

Fed, blog post up, time for a nap.

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