atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4104: Damn, it's cold and windy out there.

You'd almost think it was winter or something, the way it's being all cold and snowy and all that. The forecast for today and tomorrow is pretty asstastic, too.

* * *

Same today as yesterday: a bunch of links caught my eye, but then when I thought about them, I realized it would just be me shouting at the wind.

NOAA massaging climate data in order to "prove" global warming? BTDT.

Union corruption? C'mon, commenting on that is like giving my opinion on fish living in water.

I just can't summon any enthusiasm for any of it right now. It's too cold and miserable outside.

* * *

The frustrating thing for me right now is that I can't find the old pictures.

There are two big tubs of pictures in the linen closet, but they're from about 1988 onward. There should be, somewhere, a box of pictures from the late 1960s up through perhaps 1980 or so. These pictures are a disorganized pile, not filed in developer's envelopes like the rest of them; it includes school pictures and a crapton of pictures taken by aunts and uncles as well as those taken by my parents.

Now, it used to be that all these pictures were kept in the bottom drawer of the hutch cabinet; they were moved out of there quite some time ago, though, and in all my searches of the house I have not located them. I have no idea where they are, and that bothers me.

Last night I started to go through the other tub, realized that I'd done so less than two years ago, and put it away--but I might get it back out and go through it again just to make sure.

What I do know is that my parents took a hell of a lot of pictures after 1985, particularly when disposable cameras came on the scene. Mom would keep one or two of them on hand, and did so right up until the day she died; about two or three times a year she'd use one up and take it to get developed, and get another one.

On the plus side, I did manage to get some junk out of the linen closet. It's still not clean, but as long as I can get a little bit done each day I ought to be able to pare it down to something reasonable. Perhaps someday we'll actually be able to store linen in it.

Then again, that might just be crazy talk.

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