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#4109: This is getting old fast.

Last night our Internet access went down completely. It came back up, but went down again today. Now it's up and I hope it stays up--but it's probably not the way to bet unless #MAJOR_COMMUNICATIONS_CORPORATION has found the issue and fixed it.


* * *

I want one too. What's not to like? The mileage of a motorcycle but it's enclosed, meaning you can use it regardless of weather. I'd be all over that thing.

* * *

Just like Alan Caruba I am increasingly afraid of my government. Like him, it wasn't that way when I was growing up, but it certainly is getting scarier as time goes on.

It's not even just Obama's imperial presidency--a presidency that makes Bush II and Clinton before him look like Jacksonian liberals--that worries me, but how police are acting these days, and local governments. At all levels our government is turning totalitarian, an inch at a time. And that's scary.

And as Vox Day notes, the GOP is part of the problem.

* * *

Borepatch has more global warming stuff. Looking at the source for the data--"" is one of the warmist strongholds IIRC--I have to wonder how much of the current warm bulge is real and how much of it was adjustered into existence.

None of which changes the fact that the real long-term trend (thousands of years) is down and the bump we saw in the late 20th century is a temporary reduction in the decline.

It might be interesting to learn why astronomers think our star is in the middle of its life cycle. How do we know that? Are there studies supporting that, or is that an assumption? For all we know our sun may be nearing the end of hydrogen fusion and preparing to enter its helium fusion cycle; that would explain the dearth of solar neutrinos and the declining (and variable) output. Of course it also means we have perhaps a hundred thousand years or so before the sun begins to swell up into a red giant, enveloping Earth and quite possibly Mars. (Maybe less? Who knows? We've never seen a star transition from hydrogen to helium fusion, so we assume it woud take a while to do it--but how long? But it is more likely to be much much later rather than sooner. Anyway, what could we possibly do about it?)

The point is that our sun has more of an effect on the climate than anything we do. We could bend the entire economic output of our civilization to changing the Earth's climate, and anything we did would be utterly swamped by what the Sun did.

* * *

The durable goods report, according to Karl Denninger, is not good.

Obama's STFU SOTU speech is coming up. Put on your galoshes, because it's going to be deep.

* * *

The thermometer outside the bunker's back door says it's 2° outside. I tried to turn on the post light and--as expected--it failed to start because it's too f-ing cold for CFLs.

I have two 39-watt CFL bulbs that I swap in that fixture. When it gets too cold for a CFL to start, I swap 'em, and the one that I take out of the fixture works fine once it's warmed up. (39-watt emitting about as much light as a 100-watt incandescent.)

I was thinking about how much f-ing around my Dad had to do with his cars, back in the days of carburation, when the weather got this cold. I remember the battery chargers and the cans of starting fluid and all the other bullshit. He'd have to go out to the driveway in the middle of the night and start the cars and let them run until the engines got hot.

Say what you will about gasohol, but E10 has actually made things a lot easier. HEET is nothing but alcohol, and its entire purpose is to combine with water in your gas tank and make it burnable, as well as lowering its freezing point so that your fuel lines won't freeze solid when the weather gets cold. But the prevalence of E10 has rendered HEET obsolete, except for the worst cases.

* * *

Once again I am blogging while my wife's in a warm bed. I am only doing this because God alone knows whether I'll have Internet access in an hour; right now the modem's showing all green lights, though, so I'd better post this and go lay down.

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