atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4112: Now it's MUCH better.

Friday afternoon, while I was taking a much-needed nap, a couple of line techs from #MAJOR_COMMUNICATIONS_CORPORATION visited the bunker and its local environs, and...did...something to the cable connection. Mrs. Fungus says, "They cut us off at the tap," meaning they shut down the computer-controlled switch that connects the bunker to the system, and then they turned it back on. Mirabile visu when Mrs. Fungus called me for a network status report, I awakened to a modem with all green lights and a TV on which I could watch more than the Paramount HD network. I mean, I could change channels and everything. (Madness!)

Apparently the "outage" was confined to the three houses served by that particular tap, and I'd wager I could easily identify which three houses those are.

Anyway, the Internet access here ran without a hitch until I got tired of testing it, and I was able to read web sites from my rocking chair on my Nook with impunity.

* * *


It snowed yesterday, and then it snowed more today. I blew down the driveway twice today: first before Mrs. Fungus left for work, and then again when I got home from work with a freshly-mixed gallon of 2-cycle fuel.

On my way out of the driveway this afternoon, I accidentally drove through the mound of snow on the north side of the driveway, and I wanted to clear that. Besides, we got another couple inches of snow this afternoon after I left for work.

That mound on the north side of the driveway is now so tall the snowblower can no longer shoot snow over it. Damn has this been a snowy winter. Because global warming, or something. *sigh*

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