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#4114: THAT was some good food.

Late last night Mrs. Fungus and I had a hankering for something good to eat, but it was late enough that we couldn't go to one of our usual haunts. She found a place out in Tinley Park; we'd both expected it to be something of a greasy spoon, as most 24-hour restaurants are, but it was quite nice and really tasty. They had very good Greek food, so we had the exploding cheese and other stuff, and it turned out to be quite a good place.

So now I'm sitting here eating some leftover kebabs. Hooray.

* * *

"It's hard to say exactly what the virus mountain would look like, but it would probably resemble something in between pus and meat slurry." Hooray!

* * *

Today was even a pretty good day at work. I managed to pick up an extra day of work this week, so I won't be quite as broke as I'd feared; it's still not great but 21 hours beats 14. My minimum survival level is 20 hours per week, so as long as I can stay above that threshold things are not quite as dire as they are otherwise. Also, things are picking up; we had a full crew in for most of today rather than just one person in front and one in back. That's a massive improvement over Januray!

One of my coworkers is a new father, too. L. (the guy who gave me that extra day this week) is now on his fifth day of being a father; his wife gave birth to a boy and a girl on the 29th, but the babies are still in the NICU as they're preemies and under 5 lbs.

All told I had a nice day, though. I really don't want to have to stop working there, damn it.

* * *

In the process of checking out a laptop today, to ensure it was functional before going back to the sales floor, I tested the SD card slot and a USB port by copying music from my MP3 player to my phone. Sadly, when I tried playing some of the music, it sounded downright awful. The sound was far too tinny, and I know from doing this process on other similar machines that it ain't supposed to sound that cruddy, so after doing some software diagnostics (changing settings and getting no change at all in the output quality) I stopped where I was and put in a service order for the thing. Sound quality is probably why it came back.

Anyway, so I got some work done, and helped some people, made some money, and had a pretty nice time of it. More, one cannot ask for.

* * *

So we had a sunny Groundhog Day--as expected, as we usually do--and the Seattle Seahawks whomped the Denver Broncos.

I have kind of a soft spot in my heart for the Seahawks, because 'way back in grammar school there was a couple of vending machines which sold pencils with NFL team names and colors on them for $0.05 apiece, and at our school the Seattle Seahawks pencils were the most rare, so everyone was always all agog over them. I have to wonder if I still have the one I got, and which I never sharpened...or if it got used somewhere along the line. WTF, that was only about thirty years ago....

This is about as close to football fandom as I can come, though.

* * *

Anyway, some of the music I copied to my phone is anime music. And to my surprise, the phone has absolutely no trouble whatsoever displaying Japanese. Wow.

The other thing I did today was to take a short video of my drive down that road where the snowdrifts are higher than the roof of my truck. I still want to get some pictures, though, with the truck in front of the snowdrifts.

* * *

Now it's time for some fun stuff.

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