atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#412: THEY EMERGE! 3-D.

Mom saw a cicada yesterday afternoon, so this morning I went to take a look, and--


...the south face of the tree in the front yard easily has a dozen of the things on it, and there are easily 2 dozen more empty husks at the base of the tree.

While wandering around with my digital camera--which is refusing to work now, since apparently its critical need detector has been triggered--I saw three of the things try out their new wings. The avionics seemed to work, at least for those three.

I'm not entirely certain but I suspect that this year's emergence will be bigger than the one in 1990.

It's earlier than I expected them, but we've had good warm weather for the past few days and the areas of low sunlight in the yard are still not erupting, even though there was a lot of activity there--mud chimneys, etc. The front yard gets a lot of direct sunlight.

It's still surprising. The area just south of that tree was dug up in early 2006, because our sewer line was so clogged with tree roots it had to be replaced. I would have thought that would kill the things, but apparently enough of them survived the experience.

Since there are already several which can fly I would be surprised if it didn't start getting noisy later today, or tomorrow.

As for the digital camera, I'm really ticked off at it now. It's an old HP 215, and it's never been all that great as a camera anyway. It cost me $200 in 2001, so it's 6 years old--but cripes, would it have killed HP to make the thing a little faster, and a lot less of a power hog?

I've been looking at a rather nice Nikon digital at work, on and off, and I'm starting to think it may be time for the old HP to be retired. The Nikon can even take short movies, depending on how much memory you've got in would be wonderful for my impending trip to the Philippines, though I would worry about it getting stolen a lot. *sigh*

For the same $200 I spent in 2001 I could get that Nikon with a couple of gigabytes of memory cards....

But this is about the cicadas, not camera geekdom. one of the few images I was able to get before the camera crapped out.


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