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#4115: How do you oversleep for a day off?

You undersleep the day before, that's how. Actually I was awake today around 1 PM (after Mrs. Fungus and I went to bed at 4 AM) but she was still asleep and I didn't want to wake her up for our errands, so I lay back down.

When I opened my eyes again, it was after four. *sigh*

To be fair, the past few days I have been dragging, to the point that Sunday I had dark circles under my eyes. The end of last week was "on a day, off a day" so that I was alternating between having to be at work and staying home. You wouldn't think that would be so hard to manage, but it plays merry hell with my sleep pattern and I end up being tired all the time.

Last night my entire skeleton hurt, so while I was tired I wasn't sleepy, and to make things even more entertaining I was experiencing elevated anxiety levels as we finally dossed down...and so I had to take Xanax to get to sleep. Argh etc.

But after sleeping all f-ing day, I feel pretty good.

* * *

Vox Day is involved with a publishing house, and I'm thinking I'll try sending 'em a novel or two and see how I do.
It was amusing to learn about a new Kickstarter entitled The Old Iron Dream, which is intended to be "an in-depth piece of long-form journalism, a no-holds-barred, no-punches-pulled look at the sci-fi far-right". The author mentions dangerous right-wing figures from John Campbell and Robert Heinlein to Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven, as well as Orson Scott Card and me.

They haven't seen anything yet.
I'm sure that Campbell and Heinlein would be amused at being labeled "dangerous right-wing figures". I don't recall Niven ever discussing politics in his stories, but let's look at Heinlein's politics, shall we? Heinlein's political views included:
* free love
* social credit theory
* memership in the Democrat party for decades, to the point of candidacy
* being a naturist
Heinline was anything but a "dangerous right-wing figure" except for the fact that he was a patriot, a lover of liberty, and anti-communist. Before about 1960 Heinlein's politics were 100% rock-ribbed Democrat. I don't recall him discussing his thoughts on the Rosenbergs, or Alger Hiss, or any of the other Soviet spies that riddled Democrat politics (especially after WW2) but it was Eisenhower's unilateral disavowal of nuclear testing that prompted Starship Troopers. The Democrat party moved leftward as the radicals took over and Heinlein stayed pretty much where he'd been all along. You can't read his later works and argue otherwise, not with any kind of veracity.

The thing is, the big names in SF were always left wingers, from the get go; Heinlein was no different from Asimov or Clarke or any of the others in that regard. They just weren't communists (except for a few of them) and of the American writers nearly all were Democrats.

There is a "sci-fi far right" but it's not composed of people like Orson Scott Card and Larry Niven. (I'll give the guy Pournelle. He's definitely a right winger.) The SF/F rabbit hive hates OSC--and labels him a "dangerous right-winger"--because of his religion, but OSC is not really a right winger.

H. Beam Piper--now there was a right winger in SF! Read Lone Star Planet and then try not to wish mightily you could live there.

* * *

So now I can't search for blog posts using Google any more, because when I try to use the "site:" filter I get maybe two or three posts (if I'm lucky) and then a couple of ad links. WTFF, Googe!

* * *

Anyway, Mrs. Fungus and I have to hit the grocery store. Here's hoping we find something dinner-like.

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