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#4117: I'm beat

That was a pretty serious day of work. I didn't even really do anything unusual and I'm totally bushed.

On the other hand, I ended up being there until 10 PM because of all the fiddly details that needed to be attended to. I was dealing with a client's cell phone until just after they shut the lights off--hard to activate the thing when you've been given the wrong phone number, not that it was his fault since he was picking up his daughter's phone--and after that was done I still had all the closing activities to do. You know, sweeping, cleaning, taking care of the last bits of shipping, writing a status e-mail to the rest of the team--things like that.

But behind me I left a clean and neat precinct, and when the opening folks come in tomorrow they won't have a lot of clutter and junk to deal with, so that makes my efforts worthwhile.

* * *

One thing I have noticed is that most places that stock the snack Combos do not seem to stock any of them with peanut butter instead of cheese.

90% of the Combos varieties out there contain cheese--actually, "cheese", as in pasteurized process cheese food--and almost none contain peanut butter. If you're the kind of person who has a strong distaste for "cheese", you're rather stuck. Peanut butter--even "peanut butter"--is about a thousand times more palatable to me than "cheese" is.

On the plus side, at work they stock one variety of Combos with "cheese" that I can stomach: the "seven layer dip" Combo, which has an approximately pseudo-Mexican flavor to it. I rather like it, at least when compared to the other more conventional flavors of such snacks.

* * *

It seriously took forty years for them all to retire? Well, all of them but for two men--and one of them is Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) for whom I have a modicum of respect since I was once on a commercial flight to Iowa and he was sitting up in first class. (First class commercial is better than taking an Air Force jet, Dianne Feinstein (D-BFH).) (BFH= "bitch from hell" but you knew that.)

As is noted at the link, the Congress of 1974 voted to stop giving aid to South Vietnam, thus making it pathetically easy for the Communist Viet Cong to overrun them and force the entire country into slavery and oppression. That is why we "lost" Vietnam--not because we didn't know how to fight the war, but because Democrats chose to stop giving the South Vietnamese the stuff they needed to fight their own war.

* * *

Japan's not going to build breeder reactors after all.

In fission power we have an unlimited energy source. I am never very happy with a process that uses molten sodium as a coolant, but it is possible to build any fission reactor such that it cannot melt down, even if it has no coolant whatsoever and all its control rods are blown out with compressed air. It's all a matter of engineering; no new technology needs to be developed.

But what if we exploit fission for all it's worth? What happens is, people who mine coal and drill for oil, those people end up losing their jobs as entire industries become totally obsolete.

Okay: the petrochemical industry wouldn't disappear, as petroleum is the raw materials for far too many things--plastics, lubricants, fertilizers, and so on--but the quantity needed by a post-fossil-fuel civilization would be vastly less than what we need now. But coal would go away (the power generation industry is the primary consumer of coal in the US) and natural gas would rapidly cease to be viable as electricity became cheaper. We use gas to heat our homes only because electricity costs too much; make electricity cheaper than gas and that will change.

I suppose the time will come when we finally wise up and start building nuclear reactors. I won't hold my breath.

* * *

IRS making up super-secret rules to trip up conservative nonprofits. Yeah, that's Barack Hussein's "not corrupt" IRS, right there.

* * *

How much tax is New London getting from vacant lots? They seized the land with the intention of turning it over to developers, and the Supreme Court let them do it, but now the land is completely unoccupied and no economic activity is taking place.

Can't help the schadenfreude, here. Sorry.

* * *

Friday I get to find a belt for my snowblower. Will wonders never cease?

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