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#4123: Electric meat!

Yum yum. Og mentions the old Kenny Everett sketch, and it's an old favorite of mine, so I'm embedding it.

Is it bad that I still remember that jingle 33 years after first hearing it?

* * *

So, Obama's giving large employers another year of grace before they have to start paying into Obamacare. It's an AoSHQ post by Gabriel Malor, and this blockquote is the bulk of it:
It will be such sweet turnabout to use the Obama Precedent against Democratic programs in 2017. The Obamacare employer mandate is actually a tax enforcement statute. Having established that Presidents can simply decide not to enforce taxes they do not like, I can't wait for President Perry to start nixing taxes by executive fiat. Also, that pesky EPA that holds down economic growth? Sayonara sucker!
The only problem is, I do not expect any Republican President, elected from the GOP mainstream, to do any such damned thing.

Because, recall, the GOP is just fine with things as they are. Democrats and Republicans no longer disagree on whether or not government should be large; they now differ only incrementally on how big.

A Republican President nixing the income tax? It will never happen. Likewise for cutting the EPA or any of the other million insults to liberty which D.C. has saddled us with. Obama is setting this precedent because he is confident that the Republicans will never do anything with it--or that if they do, it'll be so limited and minor as not to interfere with the leftist goals of the government party.

* * *

Today it just seems bitterly cold outside, and I'm not sure why. Probably it has to do with the fact that there were no clouds in the sky, and it was a bright sunny day; contrasting that with the 10° high temperature is probably what made it feel so bone-chilling cold.

* * *

Lately I've had a hankering to dust off the old word processor and start working on writing again, but the hankering has not yet translated into any motion. Well, we'll get there, I suppose.

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