atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4125: Lake Superior is freezing over

The latest proof of global warming comes from the largest inland sea in the Americas: Lake Superior is on the verge of freezing over for the first time in decades. Increased stratospheric temperatures blah blah blah polar vortex [handwaving] sea temperatures rising [ignoring the Laws of Thermodynamics] etcetera is leading to the extended period of cold that is causing the formation of ice.

All of this is much more scientifically valid than the idea that maybe this year is just colder than the last few have been. That's impossible, because climatologists agree that it's impossible.

We actually have about a month or so to go before Lake Superior actually freezes over, and it might not...but if it doesn't, the warmists will say, "See? That's proof of anthropogenic climate change!"


* * *

Today my brain is wrapped in cotton batting. I've been struggling with sinusitis this winter; it flares up for a week or so, not quite bad enough to take to the doctor, and then subsides. This time it's the right side of my head, and the pressure is just high enough to make my right ear ring and make me feel muzzy.

I used to have a combination sudafed/antihistamine prescription in the medicine cabinet, but evidently I either used it up or threw it out since it's no longer there. I ended up taking NyQuil last night before bed, and it didn't really help all that much and I'm still woozy from that, too. Today I'll have to go through the whole background check/photo ID/police state nonsense to get some actual pseudoephedrine hydrochloride. *sigh* Thanks, War on (Some) Drugs!

Hey, at least I don't need drain cleaner. Buying those two things on the same ticket would probably get me no-knocked by DEA or something. WTF.

* * *

I suppose I had best start getting ready for my day. I have things to accomplish.

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