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#4126: That was fun

Mrs. Fungus and I had a rather extensive day yesterday.

We left the bunker at 3 and stopped at the grocery store for sundries before hieing ourselves northwestward. A quick stop at Fry's netted me three 470 uF capacitors for her old monitor--and some self-adhesive rubber feet for the VCR, so it's not resting flat on top of the DVD recorder (ventilation FTW), and then...Medieval Times.

Mrs. Fungus had warned me that the performance would be "cheesy" but it was, in fact, about as well-done as it could have been and yet be entertainment rather than re-enactment. I went into the whole thing knowing it was going to be a romanticized ideal of a knights' tournament packaged for popular consumption and toned down for kids, so I was pleasantly surprised at the overall quality of the production. The food was pretty good.

We did this for our celebration of Valentine's Day since she's working (and I was originally slated to be working that day as well) and we had a very nice time.

...though we didn't get back to the bunker before 11 PM, and we were flat-out done when we got home.

I just have to wonder how much fog fluid they go through in a performance.

* * *

Ace comments on the Obamacare loyalty oath that the Department of the Treasury is requiring from employers.

The idea here isn't so much to prevent employers from firing people because of Obamacare as it is over controlling the optics: employers can still fire people for whatever reason they like, but this new executive fiat law is meant to keep employers from saying that Obamacare is the cause of the layoffs.

Quoth Ace:
Obama, using the power of the IRS, is thus now compelling private citizens to commit perjury in order to use those deliberately-elicited perjurious statements as part of his political campaign. He doesn't care if these Loyalty Oaths are true; but he does want the paperwork on record so he can point to it.
The fact remains, however, that the Department of the Treasury does not have the authority--either statutory or constitutional--to require this kind of affidavit from anyone.

* * *

I'm not quite sure what to do about this.

It's kind of annoying to have someone cut and paste my entire post, including the title, and not give any attribution or anything. To be fair there's a "read the whole thing" link at the beginning of the cut-n-paste but he's posted the whole thing there, without even mentioning who wrote it. I searched the page for an e-mail link, in order to mention the matter privately, but I couldn't find one...and so I left a comment there about this and am also commenting here in order to make it plain that I don't particularly like people operating this way.

I do quite a bit of blockquoting and such here, but never without attribution. If you want to quote me, that's absolutely long as you give me credit.

Apparently, however, that's what "Administrat0r" does: he finds articles that mention Obamacare, puts a link to them at the top of each post, and then cuts-and-pastes the entirety of the article.

Hat tip to Og who alerted me to this, but it looks like I'm not alone.

* * *

I have a very large number of things to do today, and I guess I'd better start moving.

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