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#4129: Anime! For the first time in more than a year!

It's not new anime, but it's anime, and not commercially-released stuff at that. I watched a couple episodes of ToHeart last night, which I haven't done in a very long time--the tapes have been collecting dust under my old bed--and thoroughly enjoyed it.

During the first episode, a character (Shiho) sings an anime song, and I recognized it but couldn't recall where it was from. I last watched these tapes some fourteen years ago, and I remembered that the song was more-or-less concurrent with the release of these tapes. My first thought was Wedding Peach but the song wasn't "lovey" enough, so I was thinking it might be from Devil Hunter Yohko--but that turned out not to be so, and my searches on-line (via tablet) were fruitless. Finally I went to the computer and checked my anime music, and there--it turned out to be a song from Wedding Peach after all.

That led me to look up the cast from ToHeart in order to see if the person doing Shiho's voice had been in WP. She hadn't been, but to my surprise she did do Tomo-chan's voice in Azumanga Daioh. Now whenever she talks I see the annoying Tomo-chan instead of the cute and energetic Shiho. *sigh*

There are a bunch of other series like that, which I haven't seen for a long time and which I feel like revisiting. It's too easy to get caught up in always being up on the latest and greatest series; having been out of the mainstream for over a year, now, I think I can afford to let that particular compulsion die a quiet death and go back to rewatch series that I enjoy.

...when I have time for it. Marriage means I'm not able to do anime marathons whenever I want to, because I have to consider what my wife wants to do with our mutual spare time.

The only other thing I need to do, in order to have full access to the majority of my collection, is to hook El-Hazard up to the 'slab in the family room. But that can wait.

I've got a ton of tapes.

* * *

This is my shocked face. It doesn't look any different from my normal face because I've been saying this for the past four years.

Borepatch titles his post, "Fed.Gov manipulating economic statistics" and it's exactly what's going on. They do it in two basic ways; the first is the time-tested statistical fiddling that led Mark Twain to opine that statistics is the worst form of falsehood. ("...lies, damned lies, and statistics.")

If you don't like how your count tallies, change the way you count! We see this not only in the inflation data--which excludes basic necessities like food and energy--but in employment and climate data. It all serves to make government look like it's doing a better job than it actually is, and it protects the people in power. (Which is a big fuckin' surprise, let me tell you....)

The other, however, is more covert and more limited. I discussed it in a prior post; it's about how GDP is inflated by government spending. Measuring our nation's economic output via GDP itself is a relic of the Carter years; the switch was made either then, or early in the Reagan years, because US manufacturing was on the wane and it made everyone in government look bad.

Gross national product only counted the economic activity of domestic manufacturing and such. At a time when the American steel industry was dying a painful death (in part because of the EPA) the numbers were sitting on the floor...and since (at the time) "recession" was defined as two or more consecutive quarters of zero or negative growth of GNP something had to be done!

Gross domestic product counts all manufacturing, even that carried out by foreign-owned companies using American labor. Even before the steel mills were dying, foreign companies were moving production here and setting up shop. Count that as American economic output and things wouldn't look so grim--and so it came to be.

GNP, according to Wikipedia, also excludes "income of non-residents located in that country". GDP makes no such distinction. Now why would that be more advantageous to a government?

...never mind: this also falls under "change how you count." I was originally trying to make a point about government increasing spending to raise GDP, and ended up here. *sigh*

* * *

My wife got me a minion for Valentine's Day.

If you haven't seen Despicable Me and its sequel, you're missing a couple of really entertaining movies, and the best part of them is the antics of the minions.

The minion talks or laughs when you move its head or press a button on its chest, and it's hilarious.

As for my wife, I got her what she wanted: a copy of Treasure Island, which she's never read before, and which she decided she wants to read after we started watching Black Sails and I opined that it's the prequel for the book.

...along with the usual other things that a man must procure for his woman on Valentine's Day, else face the wrath of a woman scorned. Fail to buy flowers, for example, and you might as well make sure the sofa is comfortable, because you're going to be sleeping on it for a while.

Besides all that, I did my wife a charleston and made a batch of brownies for her to take to work. Seems her team is having a pot luck or something and that was her contribution.

* * *

Last night I threw away the double handful of tapes that I'd pulled out while looking through boxes. It was not very easy for me to do, but I did it. Hopefully the next batch will be easier.

"That's good! You've taken your first step into a larger world." Or, at least, a world with less crap cluttering it up. Crimony.

Other de-clutter chores accomplished yesterday included taking another batch of donatables to church, and clearing the recycling out of the garage. Cleaning, cooking, shopping, recycling, church council meeting--I was very busy yesterday. Fortunately the only thing I really need to do today is to make a nice dinner for us, and that shouldn't be too difficult, and I don't even have to think about starting to cook before 9 PM at the earliest.

My sinusitis is...better. I suppose I ought to go see a doc and get some antibiotics, but it's not really an infection per se--or if it is, it's low-grade. The ringing and pressure have subsided and things are draining, so it may have just been a temporary blockage or something. Argh etc.

* * *

Finally, has made Dungeon Keeper a free download, "for a limited time only". I ganked it as soon as I figured out what they were saying.

I loaned my original copy of the game to a friend in Iowa and neglected to retrieve it before moving to Illinois. I think he got more enjoyment out of the game than I did and I had more important things to worry about--anyway, that was about a thousand years ago and I've had other things to occupy my time, so no biggie. Anyway, now I can play it again if I so choose. Whee!

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