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#4131: More hours!

Sunday night I got a text message from my boss asking me if I could do a 7-hour shift on Monday. I didn't break anything in my haste to reply, and I managed to say "Sure!" instead of "OH GOD YES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE", and so I found myself driving to work in a blizzard.

By the time I left for work it had already dumped five inches, and it was drifting, and I got stuck in a snowdrift. In a Jeep, yeah, with 4WD on. It was at an intersection, and the guy who had patiently waited for me to get nice and close to the intersection before moving from his stopped position was now occupying the only place I could have gone that didn't have three feet of snow in it--the left side of the road I was on--so I gamely plowed into the drift.

I was more amused by it than anything. (Jeep, you know.) I just had to rock her out, and after a few moments in 4H I shifted down into 4L to get more torque and less tire-spinning action. That did the trick, and I plowed my way out of the deep snow. Of course there was someone right the fu-- behind me, but after about 500 feet or so in 4L I stopped, shifted the transmission into neutral, threw the transfer case back into 4H, put her in drive, and drove on at a much saner engine speed to road speed ratio.

The roads had tire wipes down to pavement, so I drove to work at about fifty MPH and arrived in good order. Even so, the first thing I did after getting there was to send a text message to my wife: "STAY HOME. ROADS ARE SHIT," just like that. I didn't think she'd have had any trouble after getting to the highway; it was getting to the highway that was the problem. Hell, I realized tardily that she might have had trouble even getting out of the driveway. The Jeep had not, but then it's got about twice the ground clearance (and twice the driven wheels) that her car has.

I did have a very nice day at work.

The trip home, after 8 PM, was even more fraught with peril, which is hard to believe considering that the road crews had had all day to do something about it.

First off, major highway A was still entirely covered with snow, and an IDOT truck was helping a guy who'd spun out into a pile of snow on the median between the road and an exit ramp. There was a single tire wipe to pavement on my exit ramp and I took it at under 35 MPH (usual speed being 55+) and major highway B was also pretty thoroughly covered with snow.

There were two spinouts on MHB, and it looked as if there'd been some contact between them. Still, traffic was moving along at roughly 50, and things seemed fine.

I was largely alone on a patch of highway, driving along in the tire wipes, keeping up with the traffic ahead of me, when the Jeep suddenly decided sideways is pretty cool and the ass end began drifting left. Adrenaline flooding my veins, all I could do is yelp incoherently, "Futch futch futch futch," as I corrected for the slide and visions of spectacular "4x4 doofus wrecks" went through my head.

That's why they call it black ice, you see. It looks like pavement, but its coefficient of friction is markedly less than that of asphalt.

But it was not a bad slide, and it was slow in its evolution, and I never lost control of the truck. Shortly I had the truck back on an even keel and was merrily bopping along at a reduced speed. When I got to a stoplight, stepping on the brakes provoked a minor skid that--this time--I was prepared for.

I had to stop for gas, and while waiting at the next light I could see the telltale glisten of ice in the tire wipes. I guess the salt budget is pretty slim this year. Well, it has been the snowiest winter since 1979.

Thereafter, though, I was driving on packed snow on side streets, and I had a lot more traction than I expected to have; and I was home in short order thereafter, safe and sound. By the grace of God.

I was so wiped out by my day at work that I didn't change clothes and blow down the driveway, which quite possibly was a mistake. We got eight firkin' inches of fluffy powder here, and the sundial finally disappeared beneath the snow. With the temperature near 45° right now, though, it rapidly reappeared.

...and right after getting up and before eating anything I blew what was now about six inches of packing snow off the driveway. That took more effort than it really should have, but it's done, and hopefully the combination of warm sun and springlike air will melt the remaining snow right down to the pavement.

Man, there sure is a lot of snow out there.

* * *

Mel Reynolds got into trouble for having sex with an underaged girl 'way back in the 1990s. For a wonder, he actually had to resign his post as one of Illlinois' Democrat representatives even though he came from a safe seat in a Democrat machine city. For another, bigger wonder, he even went to jail, though Bill Clinton commuted his sentence right before he left office in 2001.

The link there doesn't quote anything from the source article about the kidy pr0nen charge, but it does say he shot something like 100 videos and 2,000 images in his hotel room...for which he hasn't paid anything and owes $24,500.

Zimbabwe? WTF is in Zimbabwe that this creep is there? Don't get me wrong--they can keep him--but WTF.

* * *

Another homophobia hoax.

The really sad thing about the left's use of homosexuality as a society-destroying hammer is that what always happens in any successful marxist revolution: once the marxists are securely in power, gays become enemies of the state and are executed or imprisioned for being gay.

"Hey!" You may say. "What about China? They have very liberal homosexuality laws there!" Sure they do--now. But back when Mao was still running things--well, the chinese communists killed tens of millions of their own people in the '50s and '60s. "Cultural Revolution", anyone?

LauraW at AoSHQ talks about the ins and outs of communism. It always follows the same pattern, and it inevitably leads to failure, horror, and death. The lucky victims of communism and socialism are the ones who merely end up dirt poor.

* * *

Our government abuses eminent domain. It's not at all surprising.

Borepatch has a discussion of how intrusive and oppressive our government has become on Barack Hussein Obama's watch. It's not a pretty sight and it's a pretty depressing thing to think about.

The fact that the Army now has a training facility built to resemble a typical American town is not a heartening thing. It tells me that the government is preparing to really clamp down on us and is attempting to desensitize troops to crushing any resistance to such measures.

* * *

This is a good argument, and I agree with it. If government can require us to have photo ID cards to exercise our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, then it for damned sure can require a photo ID to vote.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus did some shopping the other day, and she bought me wasabi peas for the first time in quite a while.

This particular batch is pungent. Two set my mouth on fire--but it might be because they seem fresher than usual, and are lightly crispy rather than crunchy.

I like it.

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