atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4133: This is me not sleeping. *sigh*

In order to deal with the sinusitis, I picked up an extra-large box of genereic Sudafed on Wednesday.

Mrs. Fungus had to get a blood test, and I took her to the clinic; after that we went out for sushi, and then hit Meijer for some sundry necessties.

Turns out Indiana has exactly the same stupid BS in effect where you have to submit a photo ID for a background check and certify you haven't bought Sudafed elsewhere, and get a rectal exam proving that you aren't "holding", you know. Because meth.

Mrs. Fungus was shocked and dismayed to learn this. I suspect that there are a lot of people out there who simply don't know about this invasive, intrusive bullshit which--needless to say--does not really impede the methamphetamine trade to any significant extent.

Before bed I took a dose of the stuff--Sudafed, I mean--and while my head is not full of gunk, I am unable to sleep. I forgot about the little side effect the stuff has: insomnia. Argh etc. Any drug that ends in "-drine" pretty much ends up being a stimulant of one strength or another, and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride is useful in making methamphetamine because a lot of the "-drine" drugs are various types of amphetamines.

That's why it's the preferred base stock for cooking meth: instead of synthesizing the whole molecule, the unlicensed pharmacist need only add a few groups (including a methyl group of one sort or another) to the pseudoephedrine molecule to get methamphetamine.

So Sudafed is a mild stimulant, and here we are. The other factor, though, is the weather: rain, thunder, and lightning. I just begin to drift off when FLASH, which wakes me up.

Well, I don't have to be at work on Thursday, so I guess it works out.

* * *

Wednesday night, though, Mrs. Fungus and I made a dent in the morasse downstairs.

I ended up filling one contractor-sized bag with trash, another with stuff to donate. That's not too bad for about 30 minutes' work.

* * *

Added to the blogroll:

John C. Wright's Journal.

The Matt Walsh Blog.

* * *

A couple days' worth of warm weather did for the snow and ice covering the driveway. The snowblower does a fair dinkum job of getting the snow off, but it's not perfect and we had accumulated a couple of inches' worth of packed snow and ice. That's gone now, and whatever traces were left are being eradicated by the rain that's falling.

I'm fine with that.

* * *

Well, let's see if I can sleep now.

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