atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#413: Chavez moves up in the world: he's got his first USEFUL IDIOT!

Fox News reports that Hugo Chavez is going to "finance Danny Glover movies".

Big suprise: Glover is a big supporter of Hugo Chavez, so Chavez responds by giving him money.

Every time I have seen Glover somewhere, as himself, he has always come across as a complete moron. He's a capable actor, because the characters he plays generally are not stupid asses.

Unfortunately this seems to have fooled him into thinking that he actually is intelligent.

The fact that Glover supports a dictator is not all that surprising; Hollywood history is rife with examples of Communists and Communist sympathizers. (Read Ann Coulter's Treason, for the love of God!)

But as soon as you point out this rather inconvenient truth to people on the Left, they begin to accuse you of "McCarthyism". I notice, however, that the only people who really have any serious distaste for McCarthy are--uh...Leftists and Communists--the very people he was trying to expose.

While some of McCarthy's actions may have been excessive--and I am not prepared to argue that point one way or the other just now--the fact is, there were Communists (and are now) in positions of power in the United States, not just in government but in the news, scientific, edxucational, and entertainment communities.

People deride Edward Teller because he testified against Robert Oppenheimer. The people who derided Teller didn't see Communism and Fascism firsthand, the way Teller had; they hadn't lived through it--Teller had, and he knew it was evil...and he did his best to make sure that the United States had the tools it needed to defeat them. Teller understood, in a way too many of his contemporaries did not, what a Communist world would be like.

For this, Kubrick parodied him in Dr. Strangelove, and many of his peers denounced him.

Stalin's famous line about the leftists in the American press being "useful idiots" showed that he knew what he was about; if he had been even mildly religious he might have called them "Judas goats" instead. Communism is beneficial only to the people who are in charge; the Party Elite is the boot in Orwell's image of IngSoc being a boot stomping on a human face, forever. The "masses", the "workers", the people who Communism purports to serve, they are the "face".

Danny Glover seems utterly ignorant of the history of Communism and socialist dictatorships of whatever stripe. All they do is kill people, lots of them, in brutal ways, while making a select few very rich and powerful.

This is what makes Danny Glover a useful idiot--useful to Chavez, that is.

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