atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4143: Leaving work mad enough to chew uranium and spit mushroom clouds.

I was going to explain why, but then I decided that it was impolitic to do so. But:

Why do people wait until the last half-hour before closing time to decide they need to obtain some customer service? This has happened to me two days in a row. Today I was closing by myself; yesterday, at least, I was not.

It's extraordinarily inconsiderate to show up at an establishment just a short while before it's scheduled to close for something that is going to take a good chunk of time. The people working there have to serve you and cannot refuse--but think about how you would feel if you'd been on your feet all day and you had to work half an hour past closing before you could even start with your closing checklist?

I know some people in my personal life who do this kind of thing as a matter of course.

...that's only one reason why I left work mad enough to recreate Fukushima with my teeth, and it really was the minority reason. The rest, as I said, would be impolitic to mention here. It is, however, annoying as all get-out.

* * *

How do I get nominated for an Oscar, so I can get one of these $80,000 gift bags? The Hollywood rich live in an entirely different world than the rest of us.

* * *

One Democrat makes a promise, and another one breaks it. This is the same sort of bullshit that led to Vietnam falling to the communists and also led to the American embassy in Tehran being seized by "students" for 444 days.

Clinton promised Ukraine that if they got rid of their nukes, the US would come to their aid should Russia invade them. Obama is ignoring that promise.

What a surprise.

* * *

I feel drained right now. Well, supposedly I'll have a little time to recuperate from all the nonsense, and maybe I can even get some stuff done around the house. That would be nice, wouldn't it?

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