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#4144: This definitely does it.

On Monday I said we might have the first week of 2014 without snow. Then we got a little dusting and I said, "Okay, maybe not."

Tonight, it's dumping. It varies between "flurry" and "blizzard" so we've had about two inches in three hours or so, but it's definitely snowing. About 3/4 of my drive home from work was with 4WD engaged.

But Friday morning when I went out to drag up the trash cans I could feel the earliest hints of spring in the air. My instincts were telling me, "Spring's on its way." The breeze, the sun, the sky, everything agreed that it'll soon be warming up out there.

It can come in its own time; it will anyway and I can't make it hurry by wishing it so--and to be honest I am not quite yet done with winter, but when it ends I expect I'll be glad.

So there we are.

* * *

Today was a pretty fair dinkum day at work. I got called in again, and ended up arriving a smidge after 4:30; with tonight's hours I turned in a respectable 20 hour week, which is a damned sight better than ten hours, or less. Bonus points: a coworker gave me one of his shifts, so I am now scheduled for 20 hours next week...and if I get called in again, it'll mean even more hours. I need the money, so that's fine by me.

* * *

Kitchen Nightmares on BBCA showed the infamous "Amy's Baking Company" episode, finally, and Mrs. Fungus and I watched it with about as much incredulity as we did when we saw it the first time.

I observed that it's even more surreal when you know how the episode ends. These people are f-ing delusional.

...actually, that woman is a complete narcissist, and quite possibly a paranoid schizophrenic as well. I didn't realize it the first time I saw the episode, but upon my second viewing I realized she acted a lot like that guy I had to deal with in the nuthatch, who wouldn't take his meds and peed all over the toilet paper in the mens' room and tried to destroy the phone while having imaginary conversations with his mother and other family members. Amy may be a high-functioning paranoid schizophrenic or she may just be a narcissist, but either way that woman needs professional help because damn.

Well, fortunately it's not my problem.

* * *

The other day I began work on the summary of #RELEASE_CANDIDATE_ONE for submission to you-know-who, but I only got as far as perhaps the first 20% of the story before my wife got home. With all the impromptu shifts I've been doing at work, I haven't had time to work on it further. Sunday I'm hoping to get some sack time in the afternoon, but we'll see how that works out.

In fact, I feel like going to bed right the hell now. I'm not going to, but I'd like to. Cripes. And I've got church in the morning....

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