atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4146: Busy, again

Lots going on, and life getting in the way of blogging.

Also, sleepy.

* * *

A couple quick links, though.

You don't say. We're talking about a pageant wherein participants are given $80,000 for merely being nominated. How on Earth could anyone say they're out of touch with the common folk? Why, that's crazy!


The first two links of the AoSHQ overnight open thread are about states and taxation without representation.

* * *

How about some recap? I think it's in order.

Saturday: went to work and did my job. Agreed to take a coworker's Monday shift.

Sunday: got up at 8 and went to church, expecting to be able to sleep during the afternoon. Visited my uncle and ailing aunt, who has been fighting cancer since June of last year. According to what they told me, the only cancer left in her body is in her brain; the rest of the various cancer nodes have disappeared/gone into remission. She is, however, terribly weak because the combination of chemo and radiation does that. (Also it is very hard to regain your strength when you can't eat because of nausea and such.) She'd had a fall the night before and banged her head, and so my uncle asked me if I could come by the next morning, to stay with her while he ran to the doctor's office, which I agreed to do.

I was encouraged by what I saw and heard, so I went home. I tried to do Sunday's post, but it wouldn't go, so I fiddled around with the computer a bit--until after Mrs. Fungus left for work--then gave up and went to bed. I managed to get perhaps half an hour of sleep and then my phone rang; it was a relative telling me that my aunt had become unresponsive and had been taken to the ER.

So I had to evaluate what the prudent course of action was. Fact: there was absolutely nothing I could do to help anyone involved. Fact: The ER only lets two people sit in an exam room with a patient, so I would have been sitting in the ER waiting room. Fact: I am not a doctor, nor am I a miracle worker; I could do nothing to help in that area. Fact: before I went to bed, I had been drowsy to the point of dizziness; I was probably better off not driving until something had been done to rectify that. Fact: there'd be a terribly long time of no information before anything was resolved. I looked at the clock, thought about it, and then rolled over and went back to sleep for a couple more hours.

I got up around 6-ish, having gotten perhaps another couple hours' worth of sleep. Texted my sister-in-law to see if there were any updates, and if my aunt's condition was related to her fall; I got two text messages telling me that the CT scan had shown no bleeds or anything; my aunt was stable and being admitted. ("Stable", to me, means "no change in her condition", which I thought was "coma".) I let Mrs. Fungus know about our aunt, then scraped myself together and prepared to go to the hospital. She called me and asked what she should do, and I suggested that since everyone was gathering at the hospital we should probably be there too.

Needing food, I ate a 20-piece McNugget on the way there. Got there, parked the truck, headed inside to the ER desk. It turned out that she'd been taken upstairs, so I went on up. I was just outisde the room when my phone vibrated at me; it was Mrs. Fungus telling me she was just leaving work. I acknowledged the information and rang off, then knocked on the door to the room, where a couple of nurses were bustling and I could see my cousin.

...and learned that my aunt had regained consciousness in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, and had collapsed because she'd been dehydrated, and was in no worse a state than she had been when I'd visited them that morning (but for a touch of dysentary, which is probably the cause of the dehydration). No concussion, no stroke, no heart attack, nothing immediately fatal.

Okay: when I was going up in the elevator I thought we were going to be on death watch. I was prepared for that; I had a bottle of Moutain Dew in one pocket and a ziplock bag of M&Ms peanut in another. Do you suppose anyone--like, say, my sister-in-law--could have sent me a text message telling me that my aunt was not on death's door?


So I stayed with them for a while, and then I was able to drive my uncle home from the hospital. (My cousin was planning to stay the night and she'd driven herself and my uncle to the hospital.)

Meanwhile my poor wife was at home, semi-frantic and stressed out; I was in the driveway trying to get out of the Jeep when she called me, asking for directions to the hospital.

Monday: Sunday was so stressful for both of us that we both called off work on Monday. I did not want to, but I realized that if I went to work I was going to be just about totally useless. Problem was I'd taken that guy's shift, so I made sure to text him and my boss about it before calling off, so he wouldn't get a no-call-no-show.

Tuesday: Today is Tuesday, and we had errands to run; we ran them, then came home and went to bed for a couple of hours. We ended up having dinner at the Hinsdale Oasis; she had Sbarro pizza and I had Panda Express. Dessert was paczki (Fat Tuesday, you know!).

How romantic.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I'm hoping to get the oil changed in Mrs. Fungus' car; it's the only chore I need to accomplish. I am really, really, really hoping I can sleep in tomorrow first.

But I ain't gonna bet on it.

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