atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4149: I don't understand what makes my job hurt so much.

When I got up to go to work today, I felt fine--a little tired, perhaps, but that was easily attributable to the fact that I went to bed at 1:40 AM when I had to be up by 8:45. And while I was working, I felt fine.

Work today was busy, too. I was able to squeeze in a couple of quick trips to the bathroom; otherwise I was at the counter the entire six hours, working with clients nonstop. In the "probably more luck than anything" department I sold two 1-year plans and a 2-year plan, which was pretty nice--but then these were people who were ready to buy anyway.

But when I got home--

It's probably due to the work I did yesterday on Mrs. Fungus' car, and the rest of the nonsense. (I forgot to mention that before doing everything else yesterday I ran the snow blower.) The older you get, the longer it takes for the muscles to start aching after an unusual burst of activity.

I feel like I got quite a workout. Everything hurts and I don't want to move--but I have to get the trash out because tonight is garbage night. Whee!

* * *

We went to Jewel the other day, on our way home from running errands. Because we were there I sought to buy some more Doritos Dynamitas, the rolled-up tortilla chip snack. Unfortunately, my flavor choices were limited to "limon picante" and "firey habanero".

I don't like any of the stuff with lime flavor. If I'm gonna have something with lime in it, it should be tart/sweet, not savory/sweet. Margerita=good, key lime pie=good; salsa with a lot of lime=bad. (Where it's a majority flavor, I mean.) That left the habanero.

...which is just unpleasantly, burning hot. It's not a pleasant warmth; it just heats up and stays and burns, totally overloading any other flavor. It's possible to make a habanero-flavored snack that doesn't do this, but no one does. (There's a snack from Japan, habanero-flavored rings, that's very tasty stuff.)

So I know not to buy that kind again, I guess. *sigh*

The nacho picoso flavor is nicely spicy without being overwhelming. What was wrong with that? Then again, Doritos no longer makes the salsa verde flavor, which was also really good.

Oh well.

* * *

Today it got above freezing, and most of the snow on the driveway (what was left after blowing it down yesterday) melted, leaving only a few places where vehicle tires had compacted it. I am very happy about this.

It felt springlike as I was leaving work this afternoon, though still cold, and I do believe I am ready for it to be spring now. But it's not going to be springlike before April at least, and even then we'll probably get another snowstorm after all the snow has melted and the ground begun to thaw.

Spring will get here in its own sweet time. I can wait a little longer.

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