atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4151: (Il)logic of empire

...yet another Heinlein reference in the title. Go me.

* * *

Work today was incredibly noisy and when I got home my ears were ringing. Naturally, then, I got a splitting f-ing headache about halfway through my shift, which I managed to hold at bay by ingesting about half a bag of "7 Layer Dip" Combos.

One of my coworkers was there for some ten hours, though, so I can't really complain much.

The part that really gets me? I was walking out to the truck after punching out, and one of the store employees was sitting in his car with the stereo on "stun". WTF, haven't you had enough loudness for one day?

Then again, I have trouble hearing people talk in noisy environments--not because I'm hard of hearing, but because I've got sensitive ears: they pick up everything and are easily overloaded, such that the person standing in front of me talking in a normal tone of voice gets washed out by the stereo system on the other side of the store that's set on "vaporize". My ears are just not very good at distinguishing between sources.

In a quiet environment, I can hear all kinds of things.

Anyway, after a day like that I enjoy just sitting in the quiet.

But it wasn't insane today--at least not after I got there--and I was able to work at a comfortable pace. Further, I was occupied the entire time I was at work, with very little time spent idle, so the shift went quickly. More, I cannot ask for.

Just gotta do it again tomorrow. Whee!

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