atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4152: Lemon pepper chicken club!

Made lemon pepper chicken last night, using two huge chicken breasts. Mrs. Fungus didn't want a lot to eat last night so one of the two was completely untouched, and when I got home from work I was hungry.

Mayo, shredded lettuce, sliced chicken--that made a good sandwich. Some leftover carrots and savory potatos, and now I'm all good.

Work today was pretty nice. We had five people in, so I ended up working on open box certifications nearly all day, but for a little time spent working the counter. My feet hardly hurt at all, and I managed to clear out a sizable backlog of open box televisions. Win-win.

The last one I worked on--if I had any money, I would have bought it to use as a monitor. $156 open box price for a 29" TV--that would have made a sweet monitor. *sigh*

Tomorrow's big project is to find out what the f--- is wrong with the driver's seat in the Jeep. It feels like the frame is broken or something; when I lean back in the seat, the left front corner of the seat lifts up. I'm hoping that--worst case--I can swap seat frames left-to-right, but I may have to go to a boneyard for a new frame. That's the first time I've had a car seat break. WTF.

Besides all that, I want to get the donation pile and the recycling stuff dealt with. I'm tired of hauling it around.

Further, deponent sayeth not; I'm out of words for today. Tinkety tonk!

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