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#4156: The regular post

So now that I've vented my spleen about Gravity let's get on with the usual.

Steven Den Beste has linked the video of the 777 wing loading test and points out the bit at 0:30 where there's a rubber duck on the wingtip.

Me, I just have to wonder how far that duck flew when the wing broke....

* * *

Alan Caruba talks about Obama's golfing while so many Americans are out of work.

Hell, Obama just got back from his third vacation in as many months. Where can I get a job that lets me take a vacation every month and I still get paid the same? And can take as much time as I want for golf and have elaborate, expensive parties, and get carted around in a limo, all on someone else's dime?

* * *

No such thing as ADHD and I'm not terribly surprised. If I'd been born 30 years later I would have been diagnosed ADHD and medicated to the gills for it.

* * *

Yep. He lost his license, so of course this story is impossible. You can't be arrested for OUI a sixth time in Massachusetts because you premanently lose your driver's license after the fifth one. Therefore you cannot drive. QED.

...people who believe in gun control think that's how it works. Yeah.

* * *

One of the groundbreaking (for me) thoughts was when Steven Den Beste (in the old U.S.S. Clueless days) discussed various topics in terms of the Laws of Thermodynamics. The LoD are integral to everything in the universe, and so thoroughly proven that we don't have to think about what might happen if they were wrong. This being the case, it's really not surprising that they have an impact on language, computation, information transfer...and as Karl Denninger has noted, economics.

* * *

Don't be such a bossy bitch.

* * *

Well, yesterday when I said I was going to take a nap, I ended up instead digging into the pile downstairs and making a sizable dent.

I am still trying to find the f-ing USB hard drive interface. I tore apart the spare bedroom trying to find it and could not; that means it almost (only "almost", *whimper*) has to be either in the computer room or the basement. Since I've searched and re-searched the computer room ad nauseum I thought it prudent to go look in the basement again. I didn't find it, but I did haul out another bag of trash and a good-sized pile of mangled boxes.

I do believe that I'll have to take the final step: go back to Tiger Direct and buy another one. This will insure that I find the f-ing thing, and then I will have two on hand.


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