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#4157: Rich DC reporter learns what it's like to have to work for a living.

I shouldn't say he's "rich" when he was relying on others for a place to live, but before he lost his big important journalist job at Politico he most certainly was rich,

But not for very long, it seems. He doesn't say how long he worked in a sporting goods store before he was able to get a job that "paid twice as much per week as I'd earn in a month at the store" but the real elitist snob bullshit is this paragraph:
I knew I had to leave Sporting Goods Inc. when I realized I was turning into the sort-of overeager employee who is way too emotionally invested in a crappy menial job that does its best to devalue him.
He continually refers to it as a "crappy, menial job" and looks down his nose not only at the work he was being paid to do, but the people and corporation who employed him.

He devotes an entire segment of his article to the loss-prevention measures "Sporting Goods Inc." has to take and sneers at them, implying that they're overly paranoid--without pointing out that employee theft is a major source of inventory shrink for retailers. It probably didn't occur to this paragon of virtue and intellect that some people steal even though it's against the rules and no matter how dire are the long-term consequences of their theft. Nope! "For a paycheck that barely covered my expenses," he complains, "I'd relinquish my privacy, making myself subject to constant searches." I can translate that approximately thus: "Waaahhh, they don't trust me it's not fair it's not fair!"

The entire article reads like it was written by an entitled elitist asshole who thinks that such a job is beneath him. Instead of being grateful for having some kind of income when it was his own damned fault he was out of his rich journalist job he complains about having to work and adhere to a schedule and being chewed out by his boss because he came back late from his lunch break.

"His own damned fault"--he admits saying what he said, but then tries to make it sound as if everyone else is at fault for taking it the wrong way. He blames "enraged conservative bloggers" and Andrew Breitbart for talking about his anti-Romney racist attitude, and Fishbowl DC for publishing a matter of public record (his plea deal for a 2nd-degree assault charge against his ex-wife), all of which resulted in his loss of his cushy rich journalist job. There is no mea culpa, no, "Yeah, I shouldn't have said those things, I shouldn't have hit my wife, and I'm really sorry I did those things." It's not his fault he found himself needing a "crappy menial job". But because everyone was so mean to him, he ended up having to go find whatever work he could get.

Welcome to the real fucking world, shitstick.

He didn't even have the balls to quit in person, nor did he have the courtesy to give them even a week's notice before leaving. Instead he just picked up the phone.

What an anus.

* * *

This comes to me via John C. Wright and it looks like it'll be a highly useful tool for me to do my work.

* * *

Last night Mrs. Fungus and I were watching The Aviator, which we'd started watching the previous day, and there was a scene where Katherine Hepburn and Howard HUghes were talking, and I made a wisecrack in my Katherine Hepburn voice...and Mrs. Fungus totally lost it, because apparently I nailed it.

I can't do a Morgan Freeman, but apparently I can do a Katherine Hepburn, even though she was a woman. *sigh*

Then there's a scene where she's sitting in her dressing room and Spencer Tracy comes in with some kind of face cream or something and offers it to her. She asks him, "What is that?"

I piped up, "It's penis oil!"

Spencer Tracy: "It's from my farm."

Mrs. Fungus: AHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA....

"Penis oil"--'way back in the Devonian period when I was in high school one of my friends referred to Vaseline that way. I was complaining about chapped lips and he said, "Put some penis oil on them," and I had never heard that epithet before, so I cracked up. Apparently it's still funny, even thirty years later.

* * *

So we had a winter shitstorm last night.

The day started in the mid-forties, but when evening came it started to rain. Then the rain changed to freezing rain, then sleet, then snow. And then the wind picked up.

About 3 AM the power started to flicker occasionally, and it cut out a couple of times, coming back on after a few moments. Mrs. Fungus and I went to bed around 5-ish, and the power continued to flicker on and off periodically before failing completely around 5:40 AM.

I have no idea how long it was out; I was too tired to remain awake and when I woke up again the juice was flowing. I got up to hit the can and have a snack, and while I was up the power was going off and on again, and after I returned to bed it did that for a while longer.

I don't even know what time it was when I finally got up--2? 3?--but the power was on and has stayed on since.

We didn't even get all that much snow; I'd be surprised if we got more than three inches. But following a few days of thaw, and including freezing rain and high winds, is a recipe for power interruptions.

I did see a few flashes of light, colored green by vaporizing copper, when looking outside during the outage. Big surprise.

I fell asleep trying to work out what the power and current should look like at the outlet in the house when somewhere a couple of power lines are shorted together, because I was trying to think (in my semi-comatose state) if a lower voltage would mean a higher current draw by an inductive device--but I fell asleep before I could come to any real conclusion. That's just as well, as it would have been wrong, anyway. It's a current divider: current takes the path of least resistance (literally) and heads towards the short circuit, which reduces both voltage and current in the non-shorted branch.

I guess all those years spent studying electronics weren't totally wasted. *sigh*

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