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#4158: The stuff just disappears, I tell you.

Ultimate Tuna Salad--Mrs. Fungus and I made a pot of it yesterday and we're now down to one sandwich worth of it. "A pot" is a standard MixMaster bowl, and the bowl is filled to about 1" below the rim with:
Tuna (two big cans)
8 oz imitation crab meat, diced
3-4 eggs, diced
diced celery to taste (2 stalks)
diced onion to taste (most of a 3" onion)
diced green pepper to taste (most of a typical green pepper)
shredded carrots to taste (2-3)
diced pickle to taste (2-3 finger-sized)
enough mayo to make it stick together properly (if you've ever seen tuna salad you know what it should look like)
about a tablespoon of pickle relish
about 1/4 cup of lemon juice proportions in parentheses. You end up with a delicious combination of flavors with some tooth to it. But get it while the getting's good, because it doesn't last. It evaporates like gasoline spilled on hot concrete.

* * *

Greenpeace idiots face real jail time for one of their asinine stunts. As JayG says, it couldn't happen to a nicer group.

Look: if you lie and cheat your way onto private property and cause $17,000 worth of damage to the place in the process, you deserve to be in jail.

* * *

Today was a work day, and before I could go to work I had to scrape a layer of snow and ice off the north side of the Jeep.

Breakfast was McDonald's "McGriddles", because they're 2 for $4. (I had them last week on Thursday and got overcharged. Argh etc.) They're filling and keep me going for most of a 6-hour shift, but I have a lot of trouble with that maple flavoring they put in the bun or pancakes or whatever the bread-like substance is.

Today Mrs. Fungus asked me if I'd ever had a McMuffin. *whimper*

The other thing I observed today is that a 500 GB hard drive for a laptop is so light you can't tell there's anything in the box. I remember when you couldn't get a 40 MB drive that would be as small as the volume of the box the 500 GB drive comes in; that was back in the days of the old Seagate ST-251, the DC-3 of hard drives. (So dubbed because in its heyday it was common, inexpensive, and robust.)

And you can now get a 4 GB external drive. Dang.

I was at work for more than six hours today and I was busy for most of my shift, but it doesn't really feel as if I did anything. WTF.

You know, I've been a computer hobbyist since 1983--and even longer than that if you include fiddling and such on friends' computers and wherever else I could get keyboard time. Heck, I learned BASIC in May of 1981, at school. That's an awful lot of processor cycles. My career as a professional computer technician spans the time from 1990 to 1999, and then from late 2013 to present--hopefully it'll go on for a while longer, because I don't see tech writing paying any of my bills any time soon.

Still, it's better than wiping butts or stacking boxes. And while I'm not entirely certain I do believe it pays more. That helps.

* * *

But I'm off work until tomorrow, and my time is my own. Time for some R&R!

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