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#4159: Holy crap is it windy

March. Go figure.

The truck is feeling very squirrely, though not all the time. It's almost as if all the tires were very low on air, but I checked them after rotating them Monday and they were all in spec.

...then I remembered that I have a broken driver's seat. Ahh, yes. It's not the truck but the driver which is rolling.

Today is another remarkably warm day. (52° as I write this.) When I left the house this morning, the driveway was still covered with 2-3" of global warming. When I got home from work, it was nearly clear but for a bit at the bottom where the snowplows had heaped it up. I'm really glad I didn't bother to run the snow blower!

Reasonably good day at work today, too--had a bit of fun and was able to do my job without losing my mind. Always a plus.

* * *

"Shooting yourself in the foot" department: today I had a guy sold on a three-year tech support contract. That's not something I often manage, even though it really is the best value for the money (one year plus two renewals is $50 more over the three year period). The problem looked like something had gone seriously wrong with his keyboard drivers and it looked like it'd be a huge pain in the ass to fix. He was all set to buy.

...then I solved his problem with two mouse clicks. Before I sold him the plan. Turned out that Stickykeys had been turned on, such that a short keypress wouldn't result in a letter but a looong one would. Turn that off and presto! the keyboard started working again.

In all good conscience I couldn't just keep on going and saying, "Yeah, we'll have to check it in...." because I just don't work that way. *sigh* But hey--maybe that'll make him more inclined to buy a plan next time.

* * *

Besides, you can build a lot of badwill fast by milking customers. Amazon Prime (and similar programs) almost universally strike me as a complete waste of money, particularly when (like me) you don't buy stuff from them all that often. It's now $100 per year to--allegedly--save a couple bucks per order on shipping costs, and shipping for all the Amazon stuff I bought in the last four years wouldn't add up to that kind of money.

If Amazon really was charging their Prime customers more for products to cover the "free" shipping that Prime membership is supposed to grant them, that is heap bad juju. If you're paying $100 per year to save money on shipping and you end up paying more for shipping anyway, that's going to leave a bad taste in a lot of peoples' mouths.

As Karl Denninger notes, this bears watching.

* * *

The Wingnut-in-Chief has this brilliant new idea about overtime for salaried employees and I am still struggling to figure out WTF he's changing, exactly. I think it's because that hasn't been specified yet.

If I understand the situation, though, it's meant to make a certain level of salaried employees unexempt from overtime rules. So for example, my cushy high-paid tech writing job--under Obama's new rules--would no longer be an exempt position even though I was being paid a salary, and if my boss said, "Okay, now you have to work 45 hours a week," he'd have to pay me for those extra hours at whatever my calculated hourly rate was. (Or maybe even time and a half.)

...basically converting a salaried employee into an hourly employee.

Maybe I'd keep my job under those circumstances and maybe I wouldn't, but it's for damned sure that the company wouldn't be hiring anyone else for that kind of position and compensation system.

"Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to incompetence." I think it was Napoleon that said that. Still true.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I were up late last night. Too late--it was after 2:30 when we got to bed, and I had to be at work for open again today. To make matters worse I was tossing and turning for a while, and the last time I looked at the clock before falling asleep it was a couple minutes shy of 5 AM. *whimper*

I got perhaps two and a half hours of solid sleep. You can guess what that did for my wakeup this morning. Egad.

But I went to work and did a good job, and had a little fun (as stated) even though I got next to no sleep. I'm glad I can do that sort of thing once in a while, and I hope I only have to do it once in a while.

Came across a doozy of a problem today, though. Client had a damaged tablet, and had bought an accidental damage plan with the thing, but it didn't show up in the system. I printed out a copy of the receipt from the sale and saw that they had bought a plan, but it wasn't showing up on the screen where it should have. Some investigation found that the plan was instead linked to a pay-as-you-go cell phone bought by a guy some 300 miles away about two minutes after our store sold the tablet. I figure it had to have been some kind of database hiccough; but before the matter was resolved we had me, the Advanced Repair Agent, the office manager, and the store manager on duty all involved in fixing it.

It did get resolved, but I probably shouldn't discuss the particulars.

...and because I got so little sleep, I--now that I've had something to eat--am finding myself nodding off at the keyboard. Guess I'd better go grab a nap.

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