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#4161: Monitor woes

So last night I was playing WoW, and as I did, suddenly the top of my monitor...faded.

Something appears to have gone wrong with the backlight, because the top third is noticeably dimmer. I tried to pull it apart to get a better look at things but LG made the casing not to be disassembled without advanced tools and a factory service manual. (If at all.)

This means, of course, that I'm going to have to get a new monitor relatively soon. *sigh* I'm going to live with it as long as I can, and hope that the backlight doesn't fail completely before I can get a new one. If it does, it'll mean going with the 19" AOC and doing everything in Tinyvision (compared to the dying 22", anyway).

Well, this monitor has been in service for seven years (that post is also titled "Monitor woes"; go figure) and matches the longevity of the 19" glass bulb monitor it replaced.

Man, it's always gotta be something. Argh etc.

The video I found on YouTube just now says "pry the case apart" but I couldn't make that work.

...and just now while I was typing that, I noticed the upper third of the monitor flickering--between the dimmed state and normal brightness--which means "loose connection" and which means I have to get the damned thing apart.

* * *

We have a chance of this week being the first week of the year without snowfall.

We've been spoiled by the last few winters. The rule around here is that a week with a snowy day in it is the exception, rather than the rule; but this has been the snowiest year since 1979.

The recent spate of warm weather has melted the snow to the point that the bottom rail of the fence is visible; I haven't seen it since January.

* * *

I was originally planning to go to church today. Last night, though, Mrs. Fungus asked me, "Do you really have to go to church tomorrow? You look exhausted. You should stay home." I replied that a man should take up his cross and follow...but I neglected to set the alarm clock and woke up at 11:45 this morning. *sigh*

On the other hand, when I sleep right through, I need the sleep. I had little moments of consciousness between bedtime and waking at 11:45, but they primarily consisted of thoughts like, Ugh, my shoulder hurts. Guess I should roll over, and Don't wake me up, you stupid cat, and The sun is up. I'd look at the clock to see what time it is IF I GAVE A RAT'S ASS.

It's a hell of a thing.

* * *

So last night Mrs. Fungus got home from work and asked me to bake something for her team. I elected to make oatmeal cookies, because I had the ingredients for that, and because I've been wanting some myself. Today she's taking about half the batch to work and the rest is remaining here.

I used two full sticks of butter (rather than 1 3/4 sticks) and the cookies are a bit softer than otherwise, but still extremely good. Bonus points: add perhaps half a teaspoon of almond extract (or even a whole one) at the same time you add the vanilla. It changes the vapor pressure of the final product such that they evaporate even more quickly than without it.

I need a mixing spoon with a handle, though, something I can grip with my carpal-tunnelized hands. The regular spoon handle is fine for most tasks but when it comes to the final mixing my grip strength gives out really fast, mostly because I'm trying to hold on tight to a thin spoon handle.

Well, that's how it goes, I suppose.

* * *

Yesterday I happened to see a blog ranking thing that informed me that the Fungus has an approximate market value of $820. Whee! Less than 300 unique visits a month, and an overall national ranking somewhere in the mid seven millions. Woo hoo hoo.


* * *

That makes three vignettes in a row which ended with an expression of resignation. I think I'm still tired.

Well, Mrs. Fungus observed that I had red eyes and looked "exhausted" last night when I wasn't feeling particularly worn down. Right now I do believe I could return to bed and catch a few more Zs without anyone minding. That's probably the best course of action for me to take, in fact.

(Is resolving to go back to sleep for a while an expression of resignation?)

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