atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4163: Yeah, it's toast, all right.

Thanks to the application of Ye Olde Butter Knyfe, I was able to split the case on the LG monitor and have a gander at the internals in order to figure out if there's anything I can do to fix it.

In a word: NO.

There is some strange corrosion of the RF shield near the upper right corner, and the wires which go to the backlight appear carbonized. I can't investigate further without risking the ruination of the LCD display, which means it's going to end up being a "post mortem" examination rather than a repair. It almost looks as if I could solder some new wires in place of the old ones, but--again--not knowing how the thing is put together, exactly, and having a nice big "DO NOT TOUCH" emblazoned across the top of the thing where the actual LCD is connected to the circuit board, I'm loath to be too adventurous.

The overheating and the carbonizing and the corrosion and the rest of it means that--at some point--the upper half of the backlight will fail completely, leaving me with a monitor on which I can see the lower half and not the upper. If I can separate backlight from LCD and repair the backlight (or, who knows, find a good one on eBay for less than the cost of a new monitor) I might be able to fix this thing.

It is not, however, the way to bet.

There is another thought, though: what if it's a lamp and not an electroluminescent panel? If it's just a lamp, I might be able to fix that--given the parts. Pull the old one out, put in the new one, solder...if I can get the right part.

...and perhaps I should just save my pennies and buy a new monitor. This one is, after all, seven years old.


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