atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4167: But there's no inflation!

You can no longer buy the 24-oz bottles of Pepsi. Yeah. Furthermore, they're 20 cans to the case now, rather than 24.

...and what do you think regular price is on the 101.4 sixers, as opposed to the 144 oz sixers they replace?

6 24 oz bottles: $3.99 ($0.027 per oz)
6 17 oz bottles: $3.39 ($0.033 per oz)

But there's no inflation! And when the price of that sixer of smaller bottles climbs to $3.99 later this year, you can expect there still to be no inflation.

Incidentally, the price of a pound of butter screamed $0.80 higher in the past four months. When I bought butter around Christmas it was going for $2.50 a pound, or $2 a pound on sale. Today I bought a pound of store-brand butter for $3.39.

But there's no inflation!

I've talked about bacon here in the past couple of months. How a pound of bacon which used to sell for about $3.50 is now retailing for $6 or even $7, and when it goes on sale it's $5.

But there's no inflation! The government says so! Who will you believe? Will you believe them, the experts, all graduates of Ivy League schools who are highly educated and super smart? Or will you believe your own lying eyes?

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