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#4174: Well, that's done.

We laid my Aunt Dolly to rest today. The wake was yesterday, and it was a nice enough affair; Mrs. Fungus and I spent about three hours there. Today was the hard part.

Mrs. Fungus doesn't have much experience with funerals, which is sadly not the case with me. Once the funeral service in the funeral home was done with, I told her, that was the worst part; the rest was much easier. I was right; we spent the luncheon afterwards chatting with my cousins from Florida.

Of course, by the time that was over we were done. We got home and went face-down in bed for three hours. Man.

* * *

so Larry Coreia puts a smackdown on a review troll who couldn't be arsed to read the book before reviewing it, and made me laugh out loud for quite a piece with this one:
Also, [the reviewer, "Bork56"] doesn’t read a lot of my books like he claims, because I’d be surprised if he could figure out how to operate one without injuring himself.
ER Doc: "So, sir, could you explain to me how you managed to fit an entire paperback book into your nose?"

Bork56: "I tried reading it."

* * *

Alan Caruba talks about "endangered" species which really aren't endangered.

There is a reason we killed off the wolf population in this country. It's not because people are meany mean-heads who want to kill the noble and beautiful wild animals. It's because wolves are predators and they'll kill anything and everything they can, up to and including people. So far the butcher's bill for this idiocy is pretty steep:
So the federal biologists bring in the wolves and a few years later the governor’s office says kill them. Why? Because the elk population has fallen about 15% since the wolves arrived, along with 2,589 sheep, 610 cows, and 72 dogs.
Sheep are just the right size for a small pack of wolves to take, big enough that each member of the pack will get a decent meal but not so big that it's going to be able to fight back at all.

The Endangered Species Act came from the Nixon Administration (same folks that gave us OSHA and EPA). Thanks, guys.

* * *

I just looked over my spam, and saw that apparently "VVVigra" is the only "EED" medication that works.


I can't do anything with this. I certainly can't make up an endearing rat character with a New Jersey accent (Vyag Rat! an' his brudda, Beauregard!).

* * *

This is only Monday. Well, a lot has happened since Thursday night, after all; it's been a very, very long weekend. *sigh*

Snow is predicted for Mon, Wed, and Fri. At least it wasn't snowing today while we were driving to the cemetery; that would have been inconvenient. It was a nice sunny day. My overcoat still fits!

* * *

Over the course of several days Mrs. Fungus and I watched The Departed. It was an interesting movie but I didn't enjoy it. Part of my problem with it comes from the fact that--to me--Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio are interchangeable. I don't see any real difference between them, and for the first half of the movie I was confused, because I didn't know they were both in the movie.

Generally speaking I don't like movies about organized crime, and I don't like movies where everyone dies.

We also watched Saving Mr. Bates--well, I watched the last 60% of it--and that was a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

* * *

Tomorrow I hope to do nothing. We'll see what I get to do.

Anyway, that's all the words I have to share right now. Brain's kind of drained.

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