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#4175: Spring decidedly ain't here.

So I got up this morning to hit the can and grab a light snack, and when I got to the kitchen I saw that the ground had magically turned white again overnight. We got perhaps an inch of snow, probably less. But it definitely keeps this week from being the first snowless week of the year.

The tulips began to emerge almost as soon as the snow melted, too. The leaves are going to be a bit crunkly at the tips again; I'm going to have to get the wire fence out soon and put it up--can't have people walking on them.

* * *

I had occasion to have a gander at Alpha Sports and their on-line catalog of motorcycle parts, and discovered something that I missed the last time I looked them up: the part number I need for piston rings.

The diagram for the 1972 TS-90 piston and crankshaft assembly lists two different types of pistons, and rings for same: keystone-type rings, and flat rings. What I have is a keystone-type piston with a set of flat rings, which is why they don't fit together.

(Actually, I have one keystone ring and one flat one, which is why I didn't immediately understand the what was wrong. *whimper* "This ring fits! Why doesn't the other one from the same set fit?" Answer: they weren't both from the same set. Argh etc.)

The parts are no longer available, but if I have them I ought to be able to find something that will work. And having the actual part number will (should, anyway) help me see if anyone is selling the correct parts on Ebay.

There's enough space in the garage now that I can set aside some space to work on the motorcycles; I'd like to get the dirt bike operable this summer, and maybe even get that spare engine from Og and rebuild it.

All it takes, as me pappy used to say, is money.

* * *

Two days of work this week. Friday is payday. Three days scheduled for next week, with the added bonus that there's going to be a "hell day" where I have to be at work at 7 AM for a team meeting where I only stay for a couple of hours, and then come back around 3 PM for the closing shift.

The money, however, will be nice. As a bonus I have no opening shifts this week. Whee!

* * *

Today's agenda is to do as little as possible. I'm hoping to get some writing done today, though I'm not going to count on it. Thursday seems like an approximate eternity ago and yesterday I had to remind myself that it was only Monday. That's how hectic the past five days have been--and I wasn't even one of the unfortunates who had to travel in order to attend the funeral.

Mrs. Fungus was amazed at how tired she was yesterday; she also commented that at the luncheon after the funeral I'd looked as if I were about to collapse. And as I said, we went face-down for several hours after getting home. Well, a funeral is stressful and unhappy, and that makes a person really, really tired. It seems as if one night's sleep just isn't enough.

So what am I doing here?

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