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#4178: Well, at least it's caught my interest.

That project I'm working on, the one with the flashback? I was right: the protagonist of the flashback is a nasty bitch. I'm six pages into the thing and it's obvious that she's a piece of work, all righty. But now I'm interested in seeing how she ends up where she ends up; although I know the broad strokes it's the details that haven't resolved yet. I'm looking forward to seeing this.

If I can get maybe 90 or so pages out of this, that would do; and after that I have perhaps another 50-80 pages of the primary story left to tell.

I'll take what I can get, though.

* * *

More about Leland "Guns for Gangs" Yee:

Weer'd has a link to the Yee's web site wherein Yee talks about his award from the Brady campaign and his anti-gun stance. The same Leland Yee who was arrested for his alleged involvement in smuggling illegal firearms, including missile launchers. (Because obviously criminal gangs need them; I mean, how do you expect gangs to stay safe if they can't have missile launchers, you anti-freedom bolshevik nazi asshole?)

Jonah Goldberg points out that this kind of story is usually gold to the press--but they're not mentioning that Yee's anti-gun stance makes his services as a smuggler's friend more expensive and therefore more lucrative for him.

* * *

Hypothermia as a lifesaver. If someone just died in your ER, you cool him to about 37° F, fix whatever trauma killed him, and then warm him back up just the right way. Done correctly, you've saved the guy's life even though he was effectively dead.

This technique gives a trauma surgeon time to fix whatever's wrong. Instead of having only a few minutes to plug the leaks (or until you run out of typed blood) you can effectively shut the person's metabolism down--by cooling it--and then repair the problems at your leisure.

Cell death is the limiting factor, and right now they can keep a person suspended in that twilight state for perhaps two hours. That's an eternity in an ER.

* * *

Karl Denninger embeds a video. The video shows an idiot in a pickup truck tailgating someone because that person isn't going fast enough for him. When he has room to pass, he does so, hanging in the right lane next to the slower car and flipping him the bird and just acting like a petulant douchebag in general.

And then sweet, sweet karma happens. Nyaa ha ha ha.

* * *

Anyway, that's about all I've got for today. Be sure to tune in again tomorrow--same Fungus time, same Fungus channel! Whee!!

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