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#4180: I got most of it back!

So after hooking up the old C: drive to the computer, I was able to access nearly everything that got left behind. I found the old e-mail folders, and copied them into the appropriate place on the current C: drive. As expected, Windows Mail dutifully populated its database with the new (old) data, so I have access to all my e-mails going back to March 2007.

Also recovered: the pictures I stored on the hard drive, the music I downloaded from Amazon (no need to re-download it now) and some other miscellany.

The only thing I couldn't recover was the old bookmarks file. My main gripe with Mozilla (and most other browsers) is that they don't store their bookmarks in an easily accessible format, such as HTML or text or something you can identify and copy and have it work. Firefox will let you export your bookmarks to an HTML file, but it doesn't store them that way.

(Or maybe I'm wrong and someone will pop up saying, "Hey, doofus, just look in XYZ\Goober\nutball and you'll find the bookmark file." That would be helpful.)

Still, I've now got perhaps 99% of what I had before I "cleaned" the system's registry. The data wasn't lost; it was just temporarily inaccessible. That's why I'd gone on such a tear--several of them--trying to find the damned external drive interface. None of this is stuff I need to use every day, but it's nice to have it back.

* * *

So the average cost of a wedding today is $30,000 and Karl Denninger rightfully says that's flipping insane.

As he notes in his post, if you're richer than Croesus and want to throw a huge party, hey--why not? It's your money to spend. But if you have to borrow to throw a party like that, you should find ways to economize.


* * *

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley tells us that this winter just past was the coldest one in the US in 102 years. England had a mild winter, particularly compared to last year's, which was cold and snowy.

But here in the Fungal Vale, the snow has melted--all of it, or nearly all. The tulips are sprouting, the birds are singing, the robins are back, the grass is--ehh, it's brown, still. Well, you can't win 'em all.

* * *

It's not a B2 nor is it a stealth fighter, so what is it? Clearly it's something the US government doesn't want to talk about, but when you fly an airplane on a cloudless day it's kind of hard to keep people from seeing it. (Actually, it sounds as if three of them were flying together.) My theory is that the military had to ferry aircraft to a different location, and simply ran out of time waiting for weather that would obscure the movement from the ground. (Why not fly at night? Who knows?)

I have long maintained that the government has a bunch of aircraft they don't tell us about, that the SR-71 was retired because the military now has something better, and that we only know about the stealth fighter and the B2 bomber because both have been superseded.

I thought of a way one could make a boronate-injected engine work (boronated fuels have a lot of kick to them, but the boron compounds cause problems for jet engines) that would lead to the kind of "donuts on a string" contrail that miltary aviation enthusiasts saw in the 1990s. This would lead to an improvement in performance beyond anything that's currently not top secret, and you can bet your gonads an engine that can use boronate fuel that doesn't glass up and shred itself would be as secret as secret can be.

But thinking about military aircraft and the super-secret world of cutting-edge military aviation normally does not appeal to me, and I lost my fascination with jet fighters years ago, so reading about this sighting elicits more of a "huh, that's neat" reaction than anything else.

* * *

If the GOP fronts Jeb Bush, I am not voting for him. The last thing our country needs is a political dynasty of any sort, and the Bush family is not what I would call the exemplar of conservatism anyway.

Of course the GOP doesn't really give a rat's ass about conservative politics. Conservatism is one of those shibboleths that they give lip service to, just before they give in to the Democrats. It's something they mouth platitudes to, so the hicks in flyover country will vote for them.

Every GOP Presidential nominee since 1989 has been a moderate Republican: Bush, Dole, Bush, Romney--not one of them has been an actual conservative in any but a relative sense. Jeb Bush is even more liberal than George W. is, which is saying something.

I have an immense dislike for the future list of Presidents to look anything like this:
Presidents (41-50):

41 George H.W. Bush
42 William J. Clinton
43 George W. Bush
44 Barack H. Obama
45 John E. "Jeb" Bush
46 Mortimer "Moose" McCaffery
47 Generic Bush
48 M.C. Mastabeats
49 Hoobastank Bush
50 Bilbo Telescope Hatstand Fishtank "If I could walk that way" Tiger-drawers Johnson
51 (abandoned because this has become entirely too silly)
That would be irritating.

Of course the GOP would run throwaway liberal candidates who would fail of election, people like McCain and Romney and Dole. I've noticed that the one thing the GOP won't try is running people who are actual conservatives, people like Forbes and Thompson. They'd rather lose the election than elect another Ronald Reagan.

...and this is a tale already plainly told. *sigh*

* * *

Apparently Noah is a bad movie. It's not bad as a pure fantasy movie, but apparently it takes the Biblical account of Noah and the Flood and turns it on its ear.

I've read several reviews (a couple with major spoilers) and have sadly concluded that it's Yet Another Tiresome Hollywood Reimagining of a Biblical story, where they take a story from the Bible which is about certain things and turn it into a story about the complete opposite of what the Bible story is meant to convey.

I'm really not surprised. If there's anything those pedophiles and sodomites out there don't like, it's objective morality, so at every opportunity they have to try to tear down anything that even threatens to be good and noble.

* * *

So I realized that if I log on to Pandora from my PC, I can listen to the channels I've set up on my tablet, so I did that. It's nice to be able to listen to good music with only a few commercials once in a while (seems to be averaging 3-5 songs for each commerical break of 2 commericials each). And I can usually skip the songs I don't like, or at least tell the thing "never make me listen to this song again."

I'm really enjoying my "Bluetech" channel, let me tell you.

* * *

Well, tonight is taco night. I'd better make sure to go get lettuce, or else I'm going to be having my tacos without it. Mrs. Fungus doesn't put lettuce on her tacos, so I'm the only one who ends up suffering in that case. Argh etc.

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