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#4181: That would have made Mom happy.

Today it was shirtsleeve warm outside when I left for work. It's the first time since November that I left the house for work in anything less than my parka, as it hasn't been warmer than about 40 any other workday this year so far...and in fact today I was carrying the hug my wife gave me for Christmas (a nice warm hoodie) on one arm as I stepped out for work.

I heard a peeper on my way in.

...ended up staying an extra hour to cover for a coworker who couldn't make it in tonight, and stayed until close. I had some interesting issues to deal with, too; the most interesting was the older gentleman who wanted to use his cell phone as a mobile hot spot, but couldn't make it work...and the people who sold him the phone (the Verizon store) couldn't, either!

I, however, could; and did. Simply a matter of giving the phone the information it wanted: the computer's name and MAC address. For a little while it looked as if I wouldn't be able to offer the guy a complete fix, but then I realized that the actual wireless card itself would have its MAC address on it even though the computer casing did not and I couldn't find the information in Control Panel. I popped the bottom cover off and--sure enough--there it was, so I was able to do what a bunch of other people had tried to do, and failed.

That's the kind of thing I used to do all the time when I was an on-site computer tech: solve problems that had stymied other people. Nice to know that I've still got it, even if it's rusty as all get-out and hasn't run under its own power in more than a decade.

Did all the closing tasks, left work, drove home, and--sure enough--in the swampy spot where a lot of peepers live, there was a cacophony of the things creaking away.

Today would have been Mom's 87th birthday. After the extra-harsh winter we had, she would have been thrilled to hear the peepers on her birthday.

* * *

As for me, the flashback segment now stands at 11 pages, and it's going very well. This woman (the protagonist) is a stone cold bitch but now she's showing signs of actually being human, even if she's utterly refusing to admit it to herself. Hubris must invite Nemesis, and that will come as I delve deeper into the story.

My inchoate thoughts on what and why and how are gelling nicely; some of the details are surprises to me but fit perfectly with the extant writing. I'm liking what I'm seeing.

So I feel pretty encouraged by all this.

* * *

Finally, Mrs. Fungus bought a turkey the other day.

She paid less than $9 for it, and it's a respectable bird; it's going to be dinner on Wednesday, I think. Also Thursday and Friday, and then made into soup and the meat made into turkey salad, and-and-and....

Gonna have to go get some crescent rolls, though. Can't have turkey without 'em!

* * *

If the weather forecast for tomorrow holds up, I'm hoping to get a little work done on the Fungus family vehicles. I'm going to have another gander at the Jeep seat bolts (see if the PB Blaster did any good, and try an application of heat) and then I'm going to work on Mrs. Fungus' exhaust rattle again.

When I wired the heat shield up and out of the way, it only changed the rattle rather than eliminating it. Now it's a higher-pitched buzz, and I can't think of anything else I could possibly do to eliminate the I'm going to yank the heat shield entirely. WTF, I don't know why automakers design these heat shields such that they fail after 50,000 miles. It's annoying.

Another annoying thing: that bean dip they sell in 6 oz cans in the chip aisle for $2.99? It's nothing but refried beans with a couple of extra spices thrown in. You can buy refried beans for $1 a 16 oz can, and stir in a little garlic powder and chili powder, and have something just as good.


* * *

Amaleni is closing in on 90th level. Yesterday I jumped on Scythandra for the first time in a very long one and farmed rep with the Consortium, specifically so I could buy the recipe to make a Jewel Bag. It's a 24-slot gem bag, and as AMaleni is a jewelcrafter she needs big gem bags, but they're prohibitively expensive in the auction house. (Like 300 GP expensive.)

Anyway, I managed that, and then had some more fun running Amaleni around. She'll hit 90th soon and then I can turn my attention to other toons.

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