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#4183: I need new glasses or something

I notice, in the morning, that I have trouble reading. ("Morning" in this case means approximately "after I get out of bed" since my schedule varies.) It's because my eyes are all gummed up with sleep-gunk; I have long since been in the habit of making a beeline for the computer as soon as I've woken up and dealt with whatever pressing biological functions need attending to. Washing my face helps but doesn't entirely solve the problem.

It's just a habit I have, because whenever I have a day off I like to get the blogging taken care of while I'm waking up. ("Ah!" Scream three people. "That explains everything!")

I have--several times--caught myself checking the weather on-line to see what the temperature is outside the house. Instead of--y'know--sticking my head out the door. *sigh*

These are the kinds of things that always-on high-speed Internet access has done to me. Heh.

* * *

Og observes that this winter's back seems to be broken and I am not in disagreement with him. We may get another bout of snow, but so far this week is shaping up to be the very first week of this year without snow in it, mainly because it's the first time this year that it hasn't been cold enough outside to precipitate anything besides rain.

This is good because the Chicago area has just finished its coldest winter on record. The records go back to 1872--142 years--and this winter just past was the coldest of all of them.

What was that thing about global warming leading to milder winters? I remember someone predicting that very soon, winter snows would be a thing of the past, because global warming. Yeah.

This was a damned cold winter. I do remember going to take out the trash without putting my coat on because I'd become acclimated to the cold and "it's not even remarkable". I still have some acclimation to it; ordinarily I'd freeze my butt off if the house was below 68°, but as an experiment we turned the thermometer down to 65° for a couple of days this past week and I was fine. I hardly even noticed it. The other day the high temp was around 66° and I went to work without a coat; when I got off work the temps were about ten degrees cooler and I was still fine. That's how cold this past winter was.

* * *

The URL for the article linked in this JayG post says it was posted on 3/27 so it's not an April Fool's joke. (Unless it's a very well-planned one.)

Short form: Maryland gives tax breaks to the people making House of Cards. When the HoC people mull the possibility of leaving Maryland:
...the House of Delegates adopted budget language Thursday requiring the state to seize the production company's property if it stops filming in the state.
Okay--in the first place, how in the hell is that not a bill of attainder, which is unconstitutional? Second, what gives Maryland the right to seize the property of private citizens when--again--the right of freedom of movement is guaranteed by the Constitution?

Okay: a bill of attainder technically declares someone guilty of a crime, so that's the first objection dealt with. But the second?

In any case, JayG is right: this is going to turn Hollywood off further productions in Maryland.

* * *

There are still so many things fuzzies have to learn.

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