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#4194: Here today, gone tomorrow

The snow that fell yesterday has melted, but for shaded areas, as expected. When I got up this morning to hit the can it was still present, and I thought about taking a picture, but decided that I didn't really need to bother. Snow in April, around here, isn't terribly remarkable. Now, if it snows in May....

* * *

Managed to get a gander at the lunar eclipse last night, too, despite the snowfall. I was on WoW most of the evening; I saw the moon through a gap in the clouds when it was about halfway to totality, and then again as it was just beginning to exit totality.

* * *

Speaking of WoW--

The other night, it took me an hour and a half to get a toon from level 79 to level 80. Contrast that to how long it took me to get Amaleni to level 80, which was the first level 80 toon I had: "It was about six hours, I think."

It's because level 80 was the level cap some two expansion packs ago: in late 2010 Cataclysm came out, and in autumn of 2012 Mists of Pandaria was released. In May of 2010, level 80 was the top level, so quest rewards and dungeon XP were doled out more parsimoniously.

The next expansion pack (Warlords of Draenor if I am not misremembering) is due out sometime before Christmas, and will raise the level cap to 100. That ought to be something.

* * *

In the "ARGH WTF" department:

Yesterday someone brought in a PC to be recycled, and as a matter of habit from the old days I pulled the RAM from it. It had two sticks in it.

PC-6400, DDR2, 1 GB each...exactly what I need for my system.


After taking care of everything, I looked at the RAM sticks again, and then tossed them into the spare RAM drawer with a sigh. That RAM will sit in that drawer, unused, until doomsday, unless someone decides to clean it out and send it all to recycling. I can't take any of it home with me, though, because once a client decides to recycle his PC the thing becomes company property.

But then a coworker, after hours, brought in a PC he was going to recycle. I pulled the RAM from it, and discovered what I thought were two sticks of PC-5300, 512MB each--and he told me that if I wanted them, I could have them. My system currently has PC-5300 RAM in it, so there wouldn't be a speed penalty, and I'd end up with 3GB (up from the 2.5 currently in there).


1) Machine wasn't recycled yet.
2) The owner of the machine was telling me I could take the RAM before he recycled it.

Once home I happily set about installing the stuff, but for some reason it wouldn't fit...and then I noticed that what I had in hand was, in fact, PC-3200 RAM...DDR. Slower than shit and the wrong spec for my motherboard; in other words, TANSTAAFL.

And no, I cannot "trade" these two sticks for the ones in the RAM drawer that I want, either.

I don't know if it's a weird kind of dyslexia, or just wishful thinking, but I could have sworn I read "PC-5300" off the label on the RAM. Anyway, I almost tossed it in disgust, but instead I stuck it on the shelf next to the computer. I don't know that I can use it, but maybe it would work in the old P3. (And maybe not, because I seem to recall that one being maxed out at 1 GB of RAM. *sigh*)

So my quest for upgrades continues.

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