atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4201: Today was not quite Sysiphean.

The workload only started getting bad when it started raining; before that it was pretty light. Which is good, because when I went in to work today I was in such a rage I could have ground the whole world to powder.

My mood gradually improved throughout the day but time was crawling past even as the operational tempo picked up. Every time I looked at my watch I was dismayed to discover that the past hour had only taken fifteen minutes to elapse. I was not able to leave at quitting time because there was simply too much happening at the counter for me to leave the guy who was closing, so I left half an hour late.


Among other things, today I saw that Tracfone now offers an Android smartphone for $50, which is $20 more than I paid for my non-Android phone in early December. Seems as if the last time I replaced my Tracfone, I upgraded again a scant few months later. Well, we'll see how things go, I suppose.

Dinner tonight is leftovers from yesterday's paschal feast: I dug out the last beef roast from the big beef buy and we had that for dinner, along with salad, (instant) mashed potatos, gravy, and carrots. It was delicious.

So tonight I sliced meat off the remaining hunk and made sandwiches. Extra-tasty. I didn't put anything on mine, not even butter; it didn't need it.

* * *

So they've figured out how to dehydrate alcohol, so you can carry a little packet of powder around and mix it with water to make booze.

* * *

Today I saw a billboard which very neatly encapsulates everything that is wrong with modern society. It shows a picture of some smiling guy in a suit with the legend, "CANCER LAWSUITS" and a phone number.

I found it ineffably infuriating, the mood I was in, but now I just sigh and shake my head. We should not have let lawyers advertise.

* * *

I don't like store-bought spinach dip, but if I make my own (using Knorr vegetable dip mix, a cup of mayo, 16 oz of sour cream, and a package of spinach) I like it just fine. I'm not entirely certain that it's not cheaper if I make it myself. Mrs. Fungus likes it with Hawaiian bread; I like it on Fritos or potato chips. Either way, it's tastier than french onion dip, so that's a "win".

* * *

Apparently, the more tired I get, the better my Morgan Freeman impression gets. Interesting.

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